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Yonder Ho! - Episode 9

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Yonder Ho! - Episode 9 - The Apawcalypse - Part II

Jenemazzi stands up against evil government to fight for animals she doesn't even like. What will transpire!?

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Anyone who can get a cat to sing Stevie Wonder deserves 5 stars!

Bertn1991 responds:

Best...review...EVER!!! : D Thank you so much!

Am I just imagining things or did the animation suddenly get a huge facelift? Everything seems so much smoother allofasudden, though it looks like main characters are still drawn in Paint... wonder if there is any notable difference in the working process with this one episode? Giant cats-a-pulled a fast rampage, and suddenly they all seem so docile and harmless! Entertaining stuff, especially the introductory segment of nourishing narrative, transitional typograhpy and manual drawings where in particular that one pile of pillows really looks like just a pile of pillows! Looking forward to Pt.3!


Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks, Cyber!! : D I always like hearing what you have to say. You are cool! And yes, everything is drawn in bare-bones-basic Microsoft Paint. I guess I spent more time on the character design though. I like drawing cats ^w^

I'm afraid it's gonna be a long time before I finish part three. They don't take that long to make, I just don't have as much time to work on them as I'd like. I'm very grateful that there are people who like my dumb ol' cartoons, and want to see them. Be on the look out. I make make a nod or reference to you in the episode in some way ; )

This episode felt short when compared to other episodes.

The standard episode of yonder ho is most often running for a half hour.

The sub plot about pete in the tower is starting to make a bit more sense because a goal has been established.

Pete is gonna visit his sister at her new house.

This information could have been established in the pervious episode by increasing the length.

Most people don't have the patience to watch the same installment of a series for too long.

Splitting individual episodes into a serialization can be effective for creating an element of suspense.

Getting your audience invested in the story and than end at the standard time for creating a feeling of suspense.

Creating effective an two part episode is a difficult balance to strike.

This episode used drawings of giant cats instead of the gag photos.

The gag photos were funny in the pervious episode; However, that simple sight gag would have lost it's comedic punch.

Pete's sister is the main protagonist of this extra long episodevof yonder ho.

You've revealed that pete's sister is capable of being petty when she took revenge for an insignificant reason.

That event happened in the pervious episode and it could have been cut without effecting the overall story.

But that scene of the girl burning the tent in your pervious episode serves as a contrast.

This episode reveals that pete's sister while capable of being spiteful can also show great compassion.

The mayor of the city was about to solve the giant cat problem by destroying the creatures.

Pete's sister shown compassion by stopping mayor blue john from hurting the giant cats.

It has been perviously established that pete's sister hates cats and shown capability for petty spiteful behavior.

This is surprisingly good character development despite your inclusion of certain events being irrelevant to the main story.

Cutting the tent burning scene would have taken away a lot of character development away from that girl.

That scene while irrelevant to the story is important for different reason.

It kinda reminds of life since events irrelevant to the story do often happen.

People often leave these events out and you opted for it's inclusion as a strong contrast when pete's sister demonstrates compassion.

Pete's sister became a more three-dimensional character from that series of events.

Your pervious episode has seen improvement from the new events of this second part.

I would consider episode 8 and 9 to be the same episode.

Episode 8 would have worked better by combining it with episode 9.

Most people would not watch such a long installment and splitting the story into parts was a wise decision.

That is my review for episode 9.

- Mightydein

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you for watching all 9 episodes. Episode 10 is quite a ways off. It's gonna be while I'm afraid. One of the cons of one person doing all the work I suppose.

Jenemazzi is probably a more thought out character than Pete. While you're right to say that she is spiteful and cruel, she does show compassion. Though her reasons for standing up for the cats were intentionally out of spite, she does show compassion for them. I don't want to spoil how it ends, but it's probably not what anyone expected.

I honestly can't tell you how grateful I am that somebody I don't even know would not only watch 3+ hours of some dumb cartoon show I made, but write thoughtful reviews on all 9 episodes. You've been very honest and kind, and for that I thank you. You are cool : )

Credits & Info

4.89 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2015
12:08 PM EDT