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Boids demo

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Author Comments

Boids is a swarm intelligence simulation created by Craig Reynolds. We had homework to implement it, and I did so using my physics engine from Lost Ball. I am thinking of making some full game of it.

Boid = blue
Obstacle = green
Enemy = red

Press enter for full screen (reccomended)
Mouse to place/remove unit. Toggle unit type with mouse wheel or 9/0.
Increase/reduce boids spawned with U by x10: N/M

Used the buttons 1-6 to set predefined weights separation, alignment and cohesion, or use the buttons Q/A/S/W/D/E...

Remaining controls are showed on the screen.

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It was alright looking forward to the finished game


PianoGamer responds:

It's not much of a game yet, just a pointless simulation like the original Boids game. My advice is add 300 boids and build fences, press 2 button to make them move and follow the fences. Not much point but at least those I showed it to found the swarm intelligence interesting.

The game I am imagining will have "leader" boids, controlled by the player that boids are more inclined to follow, and enemies that you defeat. Then you grow a bas/more boids. (kind of like Pikmin)