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Credit 5 Points

Visit the credit page. 100 bonus crystals!

First Step 5 Points

First time upgrade. 100 bonus crystals!

Starter 5 Points

Pass the tutorial. 100 bonus crystals!

Hunter 10 Points

Reach 250 score in a battle. 200 bonus crystals!

Hard Worker 25 Points

Upgrade a skill to level 5. 500 bonus crystals!

Play Some 25 Points

Play for 30 minutes. 500 bonus crystals!

Pro-Killer 25 Points

Reach 500 score in a battle. 500 bonus crystals!

Blessed Warrior 50 Points

Upgrade a skill to level 10. 1000 bonus crystals!

Play Some More 50 Points

Play for 60 minutes. 1000 bonus crystals!

Portable Crawlers 50 Points

Get the game for Androidâ„¢. 1000 bonus crystals!

Soul Breaker 50 Points

Beat the boss for the first time. 1000 bonus crystals!

Destroyer 100 Points

Beat the boss 3 times in a single battle. 2000 bonus crystals!

Heaven Breaker 100 Points

Max all skills except for the skill that raises the amount of your lives. 2000 bonus crystals!

Author Comments

A fast-paced shoot 'em up game which you control one-eyed (non) creepy spiders to shoot flying things with lightning. Spiders aren't creepy when they only have one eye instead of 8 (this isn't true).

If you like my games, follow me, I will try making more and better games in the future! http://hazame.newgrounds.com/follow <3

Thank you for playing.

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I have not had any lock up issues. Not sure i'll gofor that last 2 medals I neeed.
it a fun game upgrades
There a challange to the game.

this is fun!

game froze and if it does u lose all money 28k lol sad

Game froze right before third boss lol

Pretty good before you upgrade stuff too much but then oh boy does it lag up to all hell to the point of nonresponsiveness at most times. You will intentionally try to kill off your spider just to get the game responsive again toward end-game.

In fact, for anyone who wants the Heaven Breaker medal, I strongly strongly suggest you do not fully upgrade everything as you go but instead just grind out the amounts needed for the entire rest of upgrades (do the math) and then just buy it all out at one fell swoop or it'll be miserable due to the extremely bad lag and game nonresponsiveness.

And obviously you will want to obtain Destroyer far before you get to that point. Once you get too many upgrades the game just really isn't playable as-is.

This really is a case where the author should have fully played their own game out the entire way before releasing it. I'm sure they did play and test it some, but I'm also sure they did not fully complete out Heaven Breaker in their testing. Entirely sure of that!

Oh and do not buy any of the health upgrades! That is a huge mistake if you do, especially once you get to the point of the bad lag, because you'll need to kill off every life to get your crystals saved and get back to the purchases screen, so enjoy killing off all of the lives you bought, especially when each individual death is a nuisance to achieve at that point.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2015
11:11 AM EDT