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Credit 5 Points

Visit the credit page. 100 bonus crystals!

First Step 5 Points

First time upgrade. 100 bonus crystals!

Starter 5 Points

Pass the tutorial. 100 bonus crystals!

Hunter 10 Points

Reach 250 score in a battle. 200 bonus crystals!

Hard Worker 25 Points

Upgrade a skill to level 5. 500 bonus crystals!

Play Some 25 Points

Play for 30 minutes. 500 bonus crystals!

Pro-Killer 25 Points

Reach 500 score in a battle. 500 bonus crystals!

Blessed Warrior 50 Points

Upgrade a skill to level 10. 1000 bonus crystals!

Play Some More 50 Points

Play for 60 minutes. 1000 bonus crystals!

Portable Crawlers 50 Points

Get the game for Android™. 1000 bonus crystals!

Soul Breaker 50 Points

Beat the boss for the first time. 1000 bonus crystals!

Destroyer 100 Points

Beat the boss 3 times in a single battle. 2000 bonus crystals!

Heaven Breaker 100 Points

Max all skills except for the skill that raises the amount of your lives. 2000 bonus crystals!

Author Comments

A fast-paced shoot 'em up game which you control one-eyed (non) creepy spiders to shoot flying things with lightning. Spiders aren't creepy when they only have one eye instead of 8 (this isn't true).

If you like my games, follow me, I will try making more and better games in the future! http://hazame.newgrounds.com/follow <3

Thank you for playing.

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The game is wonderful with a cool idea and fun game play. I found it pretty original too as I did not know how to sort it as a combat game. It is a very well polished game with beautiful artwork. The glowing did much. The background and the monsters are creepy which add to the atmosphere. It could get too laggy at the end though which forces you to die on purpose which is very unfortunate. It happens when you have upgraded your fertility and children so much that they simply get too many. If there is a maximum number of entities it is too high. I would have given a higher score if not for this. I remember when I played this game some years ago. The strongest memory I had of this was 'that tedious but still good game that took ages to max all upgrades in'. There is not that much to do to keep entertained until you max all upgrades so the medal for it is boring to get. Sure you can aim for a high score but I am that kind of person who wants all upgrades before I try to do such a thing. The Newgrounds high score only shows the total you have accumulated over all playthroughs. I do not know if this is intended. It would be nice to see the top score for a single run as well. The game runs at different speed depending on how much is happening. It makes it hard to know for how long you have to press J to get a net and to get a lightning if you do not look below the character. It is hard to keep an eye at it while you play so I ended up missing some actions. At first I thought it would be good to have different buttons for nets and lightnings but then I thought that it maybe was implemented on purpose so if you release too early for a lightning strike the enemy would freeze so you get time to move away. It would be really clever. I like the variety in game play depending on how far you have come. At first you just want to fry the enemies with your lightning and rarily throw nets as they do not slow them down that much. Later on you can rely on your children doing the major damage and focus on throwing nets to prevent the screen from filling with enemies. The green bats were the most annoying enemies. They strike fast and use the same attack space as you do, so there is not much to exploit them on as weaknesses and the battles get a bit too fair. Most of the hits I took were from them, the boss included. The boss was a little bit too easy. At first it was hard but with enough children it gets beaten by their lightning in just some seconds. I still do not know if I actually kill the boss and there is a new one appearing for the next battle, or if I just 'beat' it as the medal descriptions say and it comes back the next time. It just moves away instead of turning into the animation the other enemies have when they die, but it still gives me crystals. Stuff like that is fun to speculate about.

i wish it had an upgrade system.

I have not had any lock up issues. Not sure i'll gofor that last 2 medals I neeed.
it a fun game upgrades
There a challange to the game.

this is fun!

game froze and if it does u lose all money 28k lol sad

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2015
11:11 AM EDT