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Liquid Transport Device

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Guinea Something Good presents the twenty second byte-sized short, "Polystyrene Liquid Transport Device"
George can't believe what Joe will use a straw for. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Based on this comic strip: http://joegp.com/polystyrene-liquid-transport-device

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbT7pWjuuMY&list=PL85ZR5EtFfKL0oeB0VPlhDvsctqMDt56y

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Rated E
Says damn

But really, this is funny. Just like any other one of your species of work :).

Again Man Another Great Video I Loves Them This one is pretty mutch the best :) Make more Please

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

This is so adorable! :D Hampsters having tea time, with coffee! The script was clean and the voice acting was awesome!

WaldFlieger responds:

Hey, thanks so much! :D

Guinea pigs!!! <3 <3

you know, it's even better when you animate it, than when you read the comic, it kinda makes the jokes and puns and such, much more fun :D congrats, i totally LOVED this one! :D

WaldFlieger responds:

Awesome, thanks a lot! :D