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Author Comments

A ROM of an apparently damaged game board found locked in a safe in the back of an old arcade. Gameplay appears relatively consistent with the classic "PacMan". Primary differences are:

- Player cannot see what PacMan cannot see

- Ghosts behaviors are... unique.

- Players who are unable to finish the original arcade game board suffer severe psychological and occasionally physiological trauma, up to and including death of the subject (ROM's effect is significantly reduced).


Enter/Space: Emulate coin deposit

WASD/Arrows: Move PacMan

M: Mute audio

G: Disable / Enable CRT effect (if your browser is having issues)

Works best in Chrome.


Added ability to disable CRT effect
Fixed SCREAMY occasionally getting stuck
Power Pills animation no longer freezes on Player death

Port by: Berick Cook | @berickcook | berickcook@gmail.com
Art by: Thibaut Faddy | thibaut.faddy@gmail.com

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I Like This Game!

This Has Great Features!! Nice Try Berick Cook!
Fact: Insert Coin Glitches To Insert SOUL,Level Glitches To: Ghost, Score Glitches To: Dread,Lives Glitches To: Death Number 1:Blindy Number 2:Screamy , Number 3:Slendy , Number 4:Old One , Number 5:????? , Number 6:Run
Blindy:A Eyeless Ghost Who Just Wonders Around
Screamy:Goes To A Place, Getting Onto Your Line, A LOUD Noise Comes
Slendy:A Teleportive Ghost Who Only Appears On You Line,The More Angry You Make Him,The More He Goes To The Gold Bar,Once Being Gold,He Appears On Top Of You
Old One:Can Only Appear Once On To Your Line
??????:All The Ghosts
Devil Pac-m̌͢a͑̿ͫn:A Ghost Version Of Pac-Man Who Copies The Same Tracks From Where You Started, If All Words Say Run, He Still Does The Same Thing But Going Fast with A High Pitched Noise Of Pac-Man Eating A Ghost While Blue And Turning Into Floating Eyes To The Ghost Pen
If You See A First Person Maze, You Are A Ghost. Kill Pac-Man 3 Times Until You See A Turned Off Screen. Can Also Be Found In: berickcook.itch.io/pacman Or Look At All Games With berickcook.itch.io
Trick:If You Get Ghost Pac-Man Noise,Go Inside The Ghost House And Go Left And Right Until It Says Run,Get Out Of The Ghost House And He Will Go Inside The Ghost House And Do The Same Thing! Weird Right?
Glitch: Going Into The Tunnel Sometimes Puts You At The Wrong Way Of The Tunnel To A Side NEXT To The Tunnel.

This is very interesting. I like it.

This is honestly pretty damn good. It mainly just plays on fear of the unknown showing you do not need to write a long backstory for a fake or modified game to make it scary. Well played and the glitchy audio and graphics fit in for a short and quick horror game experience.

well... err/31 code: 201 457 h3 ar3 b3h1nd y02

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2015
8:59 AM EDT