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Think Different

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Think Different is a plataform/puzzle game that have a new mechanic every new level. In one level you have infinite jumps, in the other you must die to become a ghost to cross walls. You have to think to suceed, but not in the tradicional way, you must be smart to understand the hints and discover the new mechanics. This game was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015 by one person.

A and D - Move
W - Jump
The other keys you have to find out! (it is part of the puzzles)

Last Update:
*Changed controls
*Fixed some bugs
*Button to turn off the music
*Changed music
*"Heavy Rain" Level is easier

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This game is OK. The physics are weird and clunky, but the concepts are really cool. Some of these would make cool standalone games, like the TV level.

Who designed the spring level and umbrella levels though? Satan?

Your hit markers are slightly off, and the game appears rushed. But was fun and challenging.

Fantastic gameplay. Make a massive slew of levels and I'd give it a five. I love how subtly each element was introduced.

Hav'nt is spelled rong u no? no? oh.........this isn't helpfull...cuz it's spelled rong...duh...what...

Okay, this was a very nice handful of puzzle platforming stages, and I have to say it did make me think a lot, and was very fun to play in general.

The presentation looks rather... rushed up, I have to say. Everything looks too bland and boring, like the graphics were made in a hurry and people didn't have the time to polish them. I don't mind vintage graphics, but these are just not well made. The stock music that I've already heard a thousand times before doesn't help either.

The gameplay itself, well, is a set of different puzzles to solve. In every new level, there's a new game mechanic you have to figure out in order to succeed. While some are obvious to discover, but hard to use in order to reach the goal, others are hard to figure out by themselves, making for quite a lateral thinking challenge akin to a riddle without words. The platforming itself is... sloppy, since the movement is too slippery, and it's very annoying to gain momentum.

The sheer variety of features is the reason why this game is so cool. There are all kinds of different levels, like gravity switching levels, levels where the player gradually... evolves, a Flappy Bird level, levels where the player's death creates platforms, and so on, and so forth. I'm not gonna go much in depth about those, because I really don't want to spoil the fun.

So yeah, the puzzle ideas themselves are awesome, but the physics of the platformer itself are very slippery and hard to control, and the presentation is rushed up and ugly. 3.5/5 is a proper score for this, I believe.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2015
4:57 PM EDT