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Untangle 1.5

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Author Comments

This is an updated version of my Untangle game, now fixed such that it will never break again!

New or old to Untangle, I really hope you like it, it's one of my first games and has known to be highly addictive.
I had to write a really fast line intersection algorithm for another project, and decided to make a game out of it now I had it.

You are suppose to drag the dots around until no lines overlap.

* Now with cheat prevention.
* Now with a whole lot of new levels!
* Fixed a bunch of issues with Flash Player 10+
* Much higher quality audio

To the people who complain about that it's to hard I will add some intermediate levels soon :)

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great puzzle game, very tricky in the later segments.

not really much to say since it's a simple concept and aced it. though the accompanying music is great.

Super fun game. I loved these types of games as a kid

Great game, loved the simple machanics turned into a complex puzzle.
Sometimes a bit frustrating to get the last few dots in the right place, but that just part of the fun of these puzzles.

Great job, and yes i had fun playing it :D

probably one of the best puzzle games i have ever played. its ingeniously simple and frustrating, but once you pick up the strategy, it gets a bit easier. i love it, 5 stars.

Great game, thank you for the frustrating yet calming experience. I wrote a more detailed review based on my emotions while playing, hope it helps :)