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Can the City Wizard help you win the Game of Thrones?

Weell, not really.. But as a City Wizard you have some special powers to help your Kingdom!
Match 3x flowers to create a bush. Match 3x bushes to create tree.. It wont' be so easy though! Those pesky Zombies will try to make it difficult for you!
Use very simple rules to build complex Cities full of Mansions, Castles and even King's Palace. Each game is different and can be replayed 100s of times before getting tired of.

- 15 difficulty levels (maps)
- 8 different Elements to combine
- Annoying Zombies
- 3 Special items to help you out (Diamond, Powerup, Lightnig bolt)

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A bit repetative, but otherwise alright.

OK, i must be missing something. Playing the TUTORIAL for 10 minutes and I filled all the tiles and can't do anything more. I have 41% completed and am not allowed to place anymore items. I have a flower in storage, I have Reset ALL in the menu, nothing. I tried to start a new game and it won't let me. I can ONLY load my 41% ccomplete game. Reloaded the page and the game is still saved in this position. Unless I erase my flash save-game data there is no way to do anything. I either missed something or this is the most idiotic game ever made.

Not bad. A fan of Triple Town I take it?

yanco responds:

Indeed :)

Pretty good game, but...there seems to be a major game-breaking glitch. If you try to reload a saved game on a board that is full and no more possible moves, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. There doesn't seem to be a reset button...at least not that I can find. So...you may want to get on that.

yanco responds:

It can be that you still have something in your storage/holder that you can use, for example a Lightning bolt. Then even if everything is filled you still have a move..

But I do remember such similar glicth, but I believe I fixed it long time ago and it's been tested by quite a lot of people. But it's still possible..

interesting take on a game...not bad keep it up.

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3.48 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2015
6:07 AM EDT
Strategy - Other