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Attack on Titan Parody

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This is my first animation incorporating a new style (I animate before, but mostly using lines and no color). Hope you like it!

My Youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtRkD5HqjM7Bt_GtXtyw2kw

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Is it me or does Levi sound like Qrow from RWBY?

was one of those titans doing the lucky star dance im done

I fucking hate Attack on Titan
But your talking to the dude who Falcon punch Chucky Cheese's in the stomach

You forgot to show the terrible increase of silent in the most obvious moments
"Eren is a... Titan"

Well I dont know if you noticed the fucking jungle book looking spikey haired monster punching the other ugly ass looking titans......I have and you just did four episodes later Dammit

I get the jokes but I notice that Levi is taller. ATTACK! MY FAN GIRLS!!

"ATTACK, MY FANGIRLS!" ... I had just about died laughing from that point on. Also, lets's see... First, the titans were eating people and wrecking stuff. Next, they're bored, two of them not sure what to do, and one wants to dance. Well this made my day, and I was coming from the Kill la Kill Parody. Pretty much thought "Why not?"