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Sterile Spongebob

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A couple notes about the movie... 1.) In some cases the preloader starts to work and then stops... if this is the case wait until it loads, and then right click and play.. sorry about that. 2.) A lot of people have been asking me what a sterile sponge is... well it's a tampon, see the little string between his legs?

Anyway enjoy the movie... sadly i put a lot of effort into it.

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I never got the joke or even understood what Ariel was saying when I saw this as a kid, but now it all makes sense. Classic flash.

I wont lie, this is maybe one of the best things Ive seen in years. The way you capture the essence of the spongebob humor yet still add your own adult flair, its... epic...

Great spongebob fan animation

I have heard rumors that SpongeBob is a tampon. I guess that's what he was supposed to be here. I'm surprised we never had a SpongeBob collection here. Anyway, the animation and voice acting were pretty bad. I guess it was just meant to be lame porn. I don't know if this would show up on the Rule 34 website.

Yes, I know about that. So sue me. It was weird to see Ariel's vagina as being separate from her fish body. Well, I don't know mermaid anatomy. It's nothing special.

This was the first Flash movie I ever watched on Newgrounds, back in like '03 or '04. I was pretty young so I didn't entirely get it, but I found it absolutely hilarious, and now I find it even funnier. This is a total nostalgia trip and I absolutely love everything about it.