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Arc Infinitum 2

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Thanks to the VAs

MARISSA LENTI (http://marissalenti.com/)
SirUndead (http://sirundead.newgrounds.com/)
Ani Delos (http://animal-delos.newgrounds.com/)
Jacob Anderson
CodeblackHayate (http://codeblackhayate.newgrounds.com/)
Ani Delos
Ryugi Kazamaru

Music by
Also thanks to my patreon supporters- I have to get a bigger external HDD because rendering this in After Effects makes the file size 40GB before compressing down to this since AE has crap compression

Episode 2:

Decker and Ranko split up for a bit to check out the cases separately. I tried to work more on my gun fight animations and also trying to give characters better body language animation so it wasn't just their voices giving them personality.

**The physics is annoying in some places still but I think I'm learning how to make it a little bit better

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This is really good, a few miner tech errors with the clothing, but that could be due to lighting or you know the physics, it reminds me of both "GHOST IN THE SHELL" and "RWBY" , I wouldn't be surprised if you were to debut this as an actual animated series on hulu,netflex, or youtube, a lot of companies would this kind of quality, along with everyone who worked on it, and the voice acting was really really good too, though I think the arms dealer character sounded much cooler without the cursing that would , or at least certain responding cursing things like "Damn" and so on. Anyway keep up the amazing work!

I don't give it a 5 because it's not perfect.
I give it a 4 because it's great for newgrounds standards.
Backgrounds look good, that's something very lacking at most 3d animations, and you did it right. Character models look sharp, however, the rig of the faces is f'ed up.
If you don't mind, let me give you some advice, I have my share of experiences with professional 3d animating.
I know everyone have been complaining about the mouth movement. But no one actually proposed a solution, so bear with me as I give it a try.
- The facial rigging. I suppose you use blend shapes to do so? If so, try to open the mouths a little more, don't be shy about it. I see you are learning and added some jaw movement. However, the jaw movement is too subtle. As a good reference, there's the guilty gear xrd expressions that appear in the overdrives. If you're looking for a more smooth yet faster way, have a look at rwby's male characters. It's a pain in the ass to redo the blend shapes, if you already did them, but the reward is instant and it shouldn't take you too much time to lip synch. The only challenge is using those in a way that doesn't look cartoony in comparison to the short's aesthetics, find a middle point
- The stiffness: Now this I totally understand, you can't deal with 9 minutes of animation without sacrificing some movement detail. Try to add acceleration, deaccelerations and recoil to movement. Too much of a hassle? Film some coreography and use it as a reference. The trick to theese kind of low budget shorts is not to avoid expensive or time consuming animations, but to find the cheap and fast way around it.
Animation wise the best acting is from the guy at the last scene. Nice job, you're getting there.
The plot: I actually find it satisfying, it feels like its going somewhere and doesn't dissapoint. Try to focus on character defelopment. Decker smoking before shooting is actually a nice detail on character traits. Keep up the good work.
I have no experience on clothing engines like that one, but I think it works for your budget, the clipping is not that distracting.

Tremendous upgrade from the last episode, which I don't get why people complain to so much.
As always the voice acting is very good.


Wow quite an improvement. I remember bashing the first one a while ago but this one seems to have a ton of effort put into the animation, audio balance, angles, and pacing. It's not flawless but I don't expect flawless.

Not sure if I'm supposed to understand the overall story yet it's still minutes of dialogue worth of names and events which nobody could keep up with without pen and paper.

Also I noticed you just placed you characters wherever on the screen, but there are actually some placement rules you should check out:


I really like your characters, and the voice actresses you picked for Decker and Ranko, very charming and natural sounding imo. Hope you continue work on this!!

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2015
7:51 PM EST