Pichón Alpha

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Tenth(?) time's the charm 25 Points

Beat the game dying less than ten times.

Fly like a penguin...swims 50 Points

Finish the whole game without dying even once.

Author Comments

This is the alpha version of the game that I'm keeping for archival purposes.
There is a demo for the finish version here on Newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/667692 or you can get the full game on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purpleghost.pichonfull

Pichón is a puzzle platformer where we control a character that's constantly bouncing. The player must solve puzzles and collect 5 gems to open the exit to the next level. Built using HTML5 and the Phaser game framework.


Addicting game and its very hard, but at the end you it just gets annoying and boring it took me forever to pass this game, but i have done it. The graphics of the game arent that good it looks like some of the blocks are from other games like theres one thats from Mario bros do some people dont notice but, well good effort in making this game.

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noidexe responds:

Having blocks that can switch between being passable or not was planned from the beginning since they give more flexibility in level design than a door or barrier that can only block a path. The visual appearance is inspired by the exclamation mark blocks in Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island.
Spikes, lava, blocks that break under you feet, etc. are pretty common features of most platformers and not inspired by any game in particular.

I gave up on the last level because the clouds-and-spiky-walls shenanigans was too much, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The music is pretty catchy, and I really like the art style.

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As many people pointed out, the game is indeed very addicting, but the last few levels are annoyingly difficult. For me beating the game wasn't a feeling of success but rather relief.
In my oppinion however, the problem is not the difficulty itself, but the trial and error nature of the harder levels - too often I found myself in a position where I just didn't know where to jump, maybe increase the resolution to do that, dunno.
In addition to the abundant trial and error mechanics, I felt that too many deaths were undeserved, best example in the last level, top right passage: an approx. 3 blocks wide pool that had to be passed in a 1 block height jump. I tried that jump so often, I even jumped down into the pit twice in order to see whether I missed something the first time. When I tried to get as far as possible on the ledge I would die from the water, even though I was still on the earthblock. When I finally made the leap, I didn't feel skillful or necessarily satisfied, I was just glad this was over. Same with some spike areas in the same level. Stuff like that is, in my oppinion, what ruined the last levels and putting a "don't die" medal in there is outright sadistic ;).
What I'm trying to say is, maybe try to make the game a little more forgiving on errors that should not be errors at all and your plan to add some more levels to even out the difficulty curve is a nice approach too.

noidexe responds:

There is a new version up right now.
I've fixed some bugs with the collision and modified some of the most annoying parts of levels 8, 9 and 10.

The first eight levels are really fun and addicting. Unfortunately, the last two levels literately ruin the game. You crank up the difficulty intensely out of no where, and to be honest the last two levels are UNFAIR. There is a cheap difficulty, which I can't stand. There are a handful of areas that you have to squeeze through spikes, and there is an extremelyyyyy small margin of error. You have be 100% precise. Most level 9 was this way, and there was one part in level 10 that comes to mind that I had to do over and over again. I hope you know where I'm talking about. The ONLY way I could get through was to abuse the hit box area of the spike, by touching the spikes (Yes, touching it, but the game didn't detect it.) I'm honestly just glad to have this game done, and that's not a good impression for players. Like i said, it was a great game up until the last two levels, and they actually ruined it for me.

There's also no pause button and no level select, which both annoyed me greatly. I didn't get the point of being timed when there was nothing to score you on your time- no leader board, nothing as simple as stars, nothing. There was also no way to switch back to full screen without reloading the game, which frustrated me greatly because basically once you start the game, you can't do anything else on the computer. You have to finish it all in one sitting.

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noidexe responds:

Pause, Level Selection/Saving progress and stars are coming soon. Right now you can click on the gem in the ui to go full screen again(it's in the description). This is temporary and will be replaced with a proper icon.

A lot of people mentioned that the last two levels feel unfair and I'm changing them a bit and adding a few more levels so the difficulty curve doesn't feel like a difficulty wall.
Would you descrive levels 3 through 8 as challenging, easy or too easy?

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2015
7:59 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle