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Earthworm Jim Tribute

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Jim made a cameo in my last movie but he deserves his own. So here it is. ;D

There's so many Final Fantasy, Mario, etc.. movies and not enough Earthworm Jim ones. Long live the worm! :P

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Why wasn't I given the chance to watch the show when it first came out? 'Guess I was born too late. 😢

Isnt that series getting a reboot?

Never doubt the worm, that's from bravest warriors.

This is an awesome tribute to an awesome franchise. Bravo!

Congratulations on being the most viewed Earthworm Jim thing here! Then again, I guess there aren't too many of them. I really love this, if only because it's a tribute to the greatest show based on a video game ever! Heck, this could even be the best video game adaptation period! You rarely see those. It's a pity that I don't hear much of this character nowadays.

At least we have great tributes like this. There should be more. I barely even recall anything about the show, other than that it was great. I can still recall these lyrics. Then again, that may just be because I'm familiar with this very cartoon.