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Sheep Collab!

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How many sheep did you count?
The sheep collab was possible thansks to 40+ Animators anda a buckload of sheep that we all did. Thanks to these guys, and to the amazing musico maestro Zack Striefel!

As requested, in order of appearance:

Stooney - Sheep with lag
Lalo - Orange Sheep

Wave 1
ClueBoe -Trumpet sheep
NoperDoperTrooper -Pancake sheep
Goggle kid - crazy screaming sheep
Diwakar - stretch sheep
Johobo - Yoga ball sheep and skateboard sheep
ButzboPrud - Squishy sheep with green arm
Clatform - Tanooki sheep with leaf
ItstheAshtray - Dad n me sheep

Wave 2 ~~Rockets
Johobo - Rocket sheep
LeMMiNo - Dynamite sheep that vacuums his body later (also first sheep received!)
Kalabor106 - strapped rocket sheep
TaraGraphics - wooly (missile sheep)

Wave 3
Duffosaur - Police and robber sheeps
OctoFlash - Ghost sheep
Merol - drapey sheep that pushes the fence/gate open
Harris - trippy sheep that pushes through fence
Djjaner (TheColdSpirit) - Sheep that pushes through fence and loses its head

Wave 4 ~~ Military/machines
Fastfoodcac - Soldier sheep bunch
Diwakar - Tank with ramp
Fourcigarettes - Tank
JaybabyWolf - Attack on Titan sheep
Z-B-R - Biped robot sheep
Swordticus - Metal gear/solid snake sheep
HERROO - UFO sheep 1

Wave 5 ~~ Aliens n shit
HipnikDragomir - Robot launching sheep
Duffosaur - UFO sheep 2
Superchick - Mr. Sheep (Fancy sheep with propulsors)
Nucklear - Jetpack sheep
SJIHT - the wolf!
TheSpazicat - UFO sheep 3

Wave 6 ~ experiments out of control! or something
Glazov123 - Madness/MylittlePony sheep
Frameslinger - Insideout sheep
Nucklear - Chimera sheep
Frameslinger - Giant sheep
Megacharlie159 - bat sheep
Fantashow100 - Cute ribbon/helicopter sheep
NewsioTV - sheep disguised as man sheep
Diwakar - Sharksheep
Frameslinger - sad balloon sheep
Pennaz - Sheep that gets stuck on fence for a long time
NewsioTV - cute balloon sheep
NewsioTV - Superman sheep

Wave 7 ~~High reaching/launching sheep
Stomachbug - Javeline sheep 1
Kalabor106 - high jumping sheep
PhantomArcade100 - Gun sheep
Megaman7659 - Bazooka sheep
Whirlguy - Javeline sheep 2
Lightninglion sheep - Portal sheep 1
PedroTorres - sheep with the stairs and the trampoline

Wave 8+9 ~~ Teleporting sheep + glitchy sheep
Cheetoh - teleporting sheep 1
Gogglekid - teleporting sheep 2
Keomani - Portal sheep
Stealthynine - Pokemon sheep
Frameslinger - Mooninite sheep
Meanaple - shades sheep
GGmagenta - divided sheep with foot

Wave 10
LightningLion - lightning sheep
GGmagenta - Inception sheep
Comick - Hellish sheep
Diwakar - Moonwalker sheep
Nat29 - geometrical sheep
test-object - fence sheep fence sheep fence

Lalo - wheelchair sheep

keepwalking - credits sheep

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4, 4 dead sheep!


What a nice idea :D <3

I been laughing for all the entire video woow that was amaizing i love it it serious stuff sometiems it was brutal but still funny and that music my good fantasticly amaizing i love it soo much
i wish i know a sheep joke now

Sheep collab on Newgrounds. How ironic.

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Feb 18, 2015
5:32 AM EST
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