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Sniper Zombi Walking Dead

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You are the last person on your group and your house has been infested with the dead, you need get out of there, or you will end as a walk undead ghoul.
The travel is hard, highways full of roamers, cities destroyed, abandoned houses, extreme blizzard and infested beach.

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Very well done, the zombies are roughly designed but to me at least, it makes them look scarier like bloody puppets with no eyes, it has great potential to be a fast action fps (first person shooter) if you added the ability to walk. Great job however had me hooked for a good hour!

cannot aim, move ro switch weapons. i can only fire the handgun. but it doesnt kill any zombies.

i cant even start the game it doesnt appear on myscreen what am i supposed to do?
ps. plz fix

theres a part where Im stuck in a open field with 1 road but no zombies :/

fun game, but it would be better if you could walk/run.