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Pink Octopus Escape

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Pink Octopus Escape is an escape game in which an octopus has been trapped in a house and needs to resolve all the puzzle in order to escape and get back where he belongs. Search around the house for some clues by clicking on different objects and solve all the puzzles using the objects which you will find around the house. You will have to get 12 pieces of codes in order to open the first door and try to solve some additional puzzles. Don’t give up until you will open the final door which will set free the pink octopus.

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Game play is predictable. It involves collecting clue cards and symbols as well as turning wall switches. After passing a door, you'll find a tool in another location to unlock the remaining hidden spots that will give you a set of symbols for a main door. Next, you're out.

What's new in this game was the "find five differences on two paintings" and the background scenes.

i dont normally like these pont and click games but this made me think differently

As said before, this escape game is based on items hunt. Once accepted, I think the game is pretty fun to play. Thanks for the post.

EscapeFan responds:

Thanks for playing it :)

As been said before, this isn't the type of point-and-click game I like. You're not solving anything, just finding things. I need to find a football to put in the football slots, I need to find cherries for the cherry slots, etc. I give this a half a star because it did help pass the time, but it wasn't really a fun way to pass time. So really this game is better than nothing, but not by much.

This game looks unfinished. It is more like Hidden object game, not real Point'n Click. It haven't got any puzzles - you just collect things (which are all the same, only different colors) and drag them to appropriate shapes. Look of game is bad too. You have photos with pasted stuff. I first heard music when I completed the game (but in fact, that music wasn't annoying or something; it should be played through all game). I give 1,5 stars because i like escape games. I don't recommend this for anyone.