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Bread Grumps

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Animated section from the I am bread playthrough by the game grumps steam train. Barry, Ross and Arin don't know how to toast bread.

link to episode

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lmao, pretty entertaining Game Grumps short! Nice work.


I really like your animation style! It's lighthearted, colourful, and cartoony, makes it perfect for a dialogue like this. Great job!

p.s. these guys are hilarious. Wiggling bread had me laughing so hard XD

Noticed a bunch of little things put into the animation. Instead of pointing them all out I'm gonna say "Nice touch." and be done with that business. Also, I think you screwed up on something overall. When Barry's fancy restaurant thing is interrupted, I think it's Ross that interrupts him. I might be wrong, though. That's not why it's a 9/10, though. It just doesn't feel like a 10/10 video, that's all. I rounded it up to five when I voted on it, because I'm nice.

Comicdud responds:

it IS ross. When I set up the animation I didn't notice it was ross speaking. I honestly thought it was arin. But yeah it's doesn't have a punchline so as a video it suffers. I appreciate your comment and really high score. It is probably too high for this vid but no complaints here!

This wasnt the best episode to animate, but you know what I think this was crisp and clean animation.

I like how popular that game is getting. And I like how Barry makes no sense!