Another Planet 2

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Episode 2: Zakary

Recap in the beginning so no need to see the first one! The intense story of Another Planet continues as the Dynasty fights along the great wall built by their slaves, Solace makes himself test subject B-14, and the only person capable of defeating the Dynasty finally appears!

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pretty cool love the story line so far

Congrats, pretty good!!!

This was really amazing. Hard to beleive how underrated this is. This deserves more attention than what it got. Just keep on making more. Don't let the lack of attention get to you. You really are good at this.

LetThereBeLenny responds:

Dude you're an amazing fan, i hope i can reward you someday if my series breaks big like you believe it will, id be proud to tell everyone you were the first, the only person who was there before everyone else, thank you for the encouragement! Sincerly