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I Refuse to Walk

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After discovering travel with rocket explosions, our protagonist abandons walking forever.

Use your rockets to propel our protagonist through the various levels to the warp portal to the next level

- Press number keys 1 to 5 to go to selected level at any point in the game
- "R" restarts the entire level
- The game ends by looping back to the start menu

This is a school project which took a 5 man team about a month to do while completing other assignments and projects.

Considering only time spent working on the project, it took less than a week. It is a quick and dirty mock up for the project requirements, but we felt it was worth showcasing abit

Sorry for lack of options to turn music off and proper buttons

we may improve and expand on this game, based on feedback we get.

All Content Copyright 2015 DigiPen Institute of Technology, All Rights Reserved

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This is a simple puzzle game. Though its missing the proper buttons the basic mechanics and graphics are here. You could have done a better job but really, the main game is there and its executed well.

This game has same mechanics like rocket jumping in team fortress 2... It was enjoyable but for someone who do rocket jumping in tf2 is little bit too easy...Checkpoints in some places you must touch them the others u can fly above them a they will active . Only checkpoints was little weird but game mechanics work like charm 4/5

hit a glitch after the third or fourth checkopoint where you can't shoot even though you have ammo....but it only happened once...otherwise this is a great game...it would be cool to see something like this have hundreds of different levels and weapon types that yield different recoil for movement and different attack factors...keep up the good work! Tis has the potential to become a very addictive puzzler.

poppydephary responds:

It might be because of having clicked outside of the Unity game screen without realizing it, and thanks for the kind words.

Wonderful concept. With some more polish and added levels, this game would be a front-pager for sure. Noticed the little bump from firing, which I think is a nice touch. All in all you guys did a great job. Keep it up.

this is fun but either not challenging or incredibly frustrating.