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Abaddon's Quest

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Author Comments

You can save your game by pressing 1

You can load your game by pressing 2

Abaddon's Quest is a small metroidvania - à la You have to win the game - made in a couple of days as part of my #1GAM challenge for 2015.

In Abaddon's Quest, you control Abaddon, a peaceful demon that is looking for the key to hell. You are very weak when you start, you can't even jump! Soon, you will gain some powers that will help you throughout your quest. Will you find all the pentagram pieces in order to unlock the passage to the desired key?

In this game, you start with nothing : you can only move left or right. Very quickly, you will obtain the ability to jump... and some more abilities.

This game was made as part of my One game a month challenge. I made it in a week, so if you find any issues please let me know! I stream development of games like this one at twitch.tv/alvaro_as. Come hang and if you're interested!

I only released a web version, but a standalone version would be possible. Let me know if you're interested.

You can mute the game with O

-- Spoilers --


A and D / Arrows to Move


N to Jump

M for Invincibility (requires energy)

B to hover

This game has gamepad support

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Pretty great game!... but whenever I die, the game automatically goes into full-screen mode, and I kinda don't want that, since it's off-centered and has a large black area around it... but other than that, yeah, pretty cool.

Wowsers! Great game. SOLID platformer with great movement. I did expect some kind of big ending, though. But all in all, great thorough game.

Alvarop-S responds:


when i take dmg it goes fullscreen also cant jump

The game is so good! I loved it!!! <3 1000000/10

The game is about a 3-3.5 but you get 5 stars from me because you don't deserve the low ratings from people unable to figure things out on their own. When I realized I couldn't immediately jump, I thought 'Hmm, let's move around until I can't anymore and - Oh, look at that. I can jump now!' Patience, people!

I will say, however, the N key for jumping is a very odd choice. Space bar, UP arrow and Z, X, or C are the usual choices. Glad you added the UP arrow. I'd love to see an expanded version with more challenges and more power-ups. Overall, good job on a solid platformer.

Alvarop-S responds:

Thank you very much.

I think however that the low scores are somewhat deserved, in the sense that I didn't manage to catch the player's attention for long enough or didn't make things clear enough for them. Maybe I assumed too much and didn't hold their hand enough.

I'm learning a lot through the feedback I'm getting, so no hard feelings to those that give me 0 stars :P

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2015
4:54 PM EST