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Gangster Cowboy ep2

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Author Comments

another stick man war...

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This was a little interesting than the first Episode. I Liked it as i was watching this episode. I Will watch the two Remaining Episodes. Keep it up


Constructive... Okay, how about an actual storyline or just a proper conflict? You've put forth such an effort, and believe me, typing this stuff on a computer I pulled from a dumpster instead of buying at a store didn't make a short nor an easy journey. I know what hard work is about.
You just need a certain level of villainy, a reason to be after all those without the hats. (in case that really is your thing here)... If your protagonist (that's your hero, commonly) is the gangsta-cowboy, why not a city-fella, or something to be up against. Add a few message balloons, at the very least, or even take the time for some voice acting. Trust me, even really bad voice acting and voice overs are better than nothing at all. You've got sound effects going on...
Maybe this city-fella, or who-ever, went after the gangsa-cowboy's... (turf? woman? some product or invention?) and the resulting violence is because the usual channels of justice ain't going to cut it. You don't have to be terribly original, just try for something interesting. You know?
The whole stickman gig, frankly, is easily and incredibly done-to-death over on stickpage.com, where you can find all the inspiration you can stand on the subject. Random mindless violence for the series of madness is here (scattered but easily searchable above) as well as some content of stickpage. I will grant you some advancement here, since you've improved the animation quality, but the vote's going to have to stand.
Since you do put in such efforts, even with less than optimal equipment, I know you can step up a little. TAKE YOUR TIME! You probably are just beginning to appreciate the lengths and efforts put in by others around here to produce such crisp and otherworldly works that the rest of us (non-animators) seem to take for granted day-in and day-out. Trust me, you can escalate to the level of tips and pointers, rather than bashing and trashing and blamming, if you just take a little extra time to get the framerate up and work on something to be truly interesting, even if it ain't all that original.
It's been said since the times of Rome "Nothing under the sun is truly original"...

Other than that, my best advice is that art, especially animation, is NOT for the faint of heart. Either do it because you have a real passion and love it, or don't.

You did a great effort to creat this, so 5/5

It's very good compered to another stick animation that I saw today.
You could add some extra movement like hand to hand combat or some athletics to it,
pan the camera in and out so at some moments it would give more movement to it.
But the animations are okay and more or less fluid.
Anyways good work, and keep going. :)

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2015
4:29 PM EST