Break the Limits!

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You are trapped in a room and the only thing you can do is think. But what will you think about?
Break the Limits! is a short clicker game made in 48 hours for LD31.


Amazing game all i wish for is more content on this game and a "Fairyland V.s Demons 2" :P

I loved the crafting and puzzle elements. Well done!

I'm sorry, but I didn't find this very appealing. I don't think I've ever played a visual novel before. Or uh, read one? This was just awkward to me. I was just pressing the same buttons over and over. At least it was kind of unique.

I want everything to be unique. I was thinking it would just have more action. The music and sounds were nice. It was pretty mysterious. It just isn't for me.

I feel like I just played a Visual Novel... I... Hate... Visual Novels. I find them boring and not work all the clicking they take...

This however I don't hate. But why don't I hate this? The answer is simple. It made me think!

You made a "simple" game to tell a story and you did it brilliantly!

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Intriguing, quite dark. Does it represent escaping from a coma state? It's not real but does it represent a form of madness? Are they institutionalised? By nature of being a dream state, if lucid it can be manipulated but forcing a happy state and creating imaginary friends could possibly be accompanied with an insane laugh? Am I reading too much into this?

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4.20 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2015
6:23 PM EST
Adventure - Other