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Simple Fighting v.1

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thanks to the book, i learn how to make this game. and i'm sorry about the graphic and movement, because this is my first created game. this game could be updated again. but its may be slow for update.

finally i found it, i guess :)

New Update 1.2.5:
1.now you can hit each other even we're to close ( not perfect i guess. just try it).

New Update 1.2
1. 1 New Area Added.
Fix Attack on player. (still cant found the problem why hitTest Dont work when close. or maybe when enemy attack.)

New Update 1.1.5:
1.Added Speed (now fight can be normal or to fast).
2.Added 1 new character (aahh i'm still learn to draw)

New Update 1.1 :

1.Now Enemy will go near and hit u or trying to kill u.
2. removed exit button

Enjoy it.

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This sucks, no plot, no good ai, needs to be deleted, this game is no good noob

Smug joke time.
How do you pick up jewish chicks...Dustpan

good 4/10

Ok, well this game could be fun if you added:
1. A Story
2. Better AI
3. More Characters
4. Music
5. You know just delete everything and start over. That would probably be easier.

Final Rating 3/10 (1.5 Stars)

surya91 responds:

hmm, let see if i can do that, my drawing skill not good and my imagination is broke. ehihiihii. thanks votesk, because i'm still learn the code, learn draw. i will changes it and update it here.

well, slow but sure :)

Voilà un jeu bien pauvre... Des graphismes qui ne tiennent pas la route et une jouabilité bien discutable. Sans parler des hitbox, nous pouvons regretter un saut presque inutile est une défense bien trop superficielle pour être utile. Une technique? Bourriner avec le coup de pied.

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enJs2Wyo8Nw

surya91 responds:

ups , i dont understand what u say toni, but thanks u made the video. i stop the update. but i will try to fix the hit which always miss. oh. and i'm try to create second game. just see what i can do :) ehihiihihihih. aaaaaaaaaaaa these video make me smile.

There are problems with this game: 1. computer(aka enemy ai) doesn't work(but it seems that will come in the update) 2 if you stand close enough to the computer, you can't hit each other. 3 no music (just a nice feature in games) 4. only two characters (i feel that a fighting game should have 4+ characters)
This is a good base for a game, but it needs some work for it to be a good game. surya91 do not get discouraged, game design is tough, but for what it is worth, thus is a better game than sonic 06 (imo)

surya91 responds:

thank you maze my friends, i'm still search a best script for computer enemy, because this is my first game and i'm still learning to make it complete, it will be slow to finish. but as soon i can do it will update soon. and what u say in your comment will be my guide to adding more and fix the graphic. thanks again