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Strike Force Commando

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Commando have a new challange in new fast-paced adrenaline action game - Strike Force Commando! Earn money, upgrade your hero, complete missions and try destroy hordes of terrorists, special forces and evil army of most powerful extremist organization in the World!

-24 kinds of weapons
-17 Missions
-15 kinds of enemies
-9 kinds of upgdares
-3 Locations
-1 Commando!

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tell me please, how to make full screen?

Ohhhhh Yeahhhh Metal Gear Solid (3?) this game is awesome action packed fighting and I loved this game!!! Great Job and I agree that this game is really good but would be better if you couldn't shoot "through the ground" etc. and other mechanics.


Sympathique et abordable, voilà un jeu qui donne envie. Cependant, la jouabilité a de GROSSES lacunes en ce qui concerne le fait de vouloir réagir rapidement de gauche à droite. Des idées et surtout de l'envie. A encourager donc! Bon courage pour la suite :)

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzzA6MgfPnM

- Very basic action, upgrades are all mundane and offer nothing to change gameplay.
- Feels slow paced, despite claims to the opposite
- Character is blatant ripoff of MGS4 version of Solid Snake. Good job.

So the one interesting point is a stolen attribute to try to confuse people into playing your game, and the rest is uncreative and cookie-cutter. It *is* technically a game, but wow. :(

Would be better if you couldn't shoot through the "ground". It would give you a chance to out flank the more abundant and more heavily armed enemies.