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The Question

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When Bill wakes up to find himself tied to a chair, his only hope is to answer...the question.

I know that this was a really stupid idea, but this was actually my first stick figure project; it just took longer to complete it. I know that the use of photographs may annoy some people, and I'm letting you know that I'm working on adding drawn objects and sets to my animations.

Special Thanks to Onecras Films and DaveNJoePro for voice acting.

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Good work man!

I can see you improved a bit from your last animation, and I see that you implied some of the suggestions I made. Kudos on doing that, it shows you care about your viewers opinions.

It was hilarious, that is for sure.



plasticapple responds:

Thanks, rebelliyous! Your advice really did help me, thank you for it! :)

My score is coming from a variety of reasons, so I'll break them down into categories.
The story is definitely original, but I feel it was ruined between mediums and concept. It doesn't make much sense to me that Bill know's who both people are, but doesn't realize it until later. I do appreciate that you led us to understand why Bill is tied up in the first place.

I wasn't a fan of the animation on-top of photographs. I think it could have really looked up for ya if it was all drawn out or all live-action (Which wouldn't be an animation then). I would have also liked to have seen characters other than "Stick Dudes", it seems very common that I feel it's overused at this point. Even basic character concepts could help. Even character differentiation would help, this way we know which character is which. Maybe make one red, or blue, etc, not all one color.

The audio was "Meh". wasn't terrible, but wasn't great. I felt there was alot of background sound, and echo in the mic. I understand mics aren't created equal, but there are alot of tutorials out there that can fix it. Newgrounds User and Voice Actor "Rice Pirate" made a great budget-friendly tutorial as well, I would recommend seeing that tutorial. I personally think a pop-filter would help reduce the white noise and echo. You can put a sock over the mic or even nylon leggings. You can also put pillows and blankets up on the walls of a small room, and record in there to reduce echo.

I do see in your description that you're working on adding drawn objects and sets. I'm glad that you do realize the concept behind it and going the distance to fix it in the future. That tells me that you are trying, and want to improve. I applaud that. So please don't give up. You can accomplish your goal.

plasticapple responds:

Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. It means a lot to me that someone actually took the time to describe what was good and what wasn't. Even if they rated it one star. I'll definitely look at the tutorials you recommended and I will take your recommendations for what I should do different. Thank you again. :)

Yeah I'm pretty sure he's gonna die there right?

plasticapple responds:


This gets most of its comedy from how seriously they are taking the situation and how Bill knows exactly where he is while Jim and Kenny are denying that they're in a garage. I may come off as a bit biased because this is my kind of humor (When it comes to animations, at least). The only bad thing I can say is that the animation is a bit lazy. I would normally give this a 4.5, but since this is currently under judgement, I will give you all five stars. Awesome work.

plasticapple responds:

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy my future animations! :)

Haha, this isn't bad. Clever use of background images, and decent animation.

I will say, however, that while stick figures can be great story tellers, I think you could have done more with it. Have them move a little more while talking, or give them faces. (I couldn't tell who was talking sometimes). The voice over work was pretty good as well. It does sounds a bit "fake," though, if that makes sense - like I could tell it wasn't the stick figures talking. Try standing closer or farther away from your mic and try a pop filter. Trial and error I always say.

But it's a good start, so kudos to you! I liked it :)

plasticapple responds:

Thank you so much for your advice, Garaladin! I'm actually working on a new stick figure animation and your comment has helped me change things I haven't noticed before. Thank you again! :)

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2015
8:55 AM EST