Undead Defense (2014)

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A zombie apocalypse turns America and the world into ruins. Many people around the world tried to fight the zombies but there were too many of them. luckly for your case, the city has built walls and forts to ward off zombies. Despite this, nobody depended on the walls for protection.

The goal of the game is to shoot oncoming hoards of zombies that come to attack your fort. If the zombies manage to hit the wall 100 times, the fort will collapse and the game is over. The zombies now have an advantage to infect and take over your city and state.

Throw grenades with G and shoot with M1.

Helpful TIPS!!:
-DON'T EVER AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!! You will miss 60% of your shots to an enemy. It's best to aim for a body shot. Right now, a companion can only achieve "head-shots" with any kind of rifle.
-When throwing grenades, put the cross-hair closer to your player. Your player is very strong and can throw grenades extremely far.
-Use the environment to help you.
-Always buy repairs for your fort!
-Don't make stupid decisions. It's going to matter in this game.
-A machine gun is the only thing you need!
-Find patterns, it will help you go far.
-Spray-and-pray. It works.

If the game happens to be too hard, here is a free cheat!
Type this in the cheat box: "toohard"

Your welcome.

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This game is the best. I highly recommend it.

need better hit system


Olala quelle déception pour ce jeu qui pouvait sembler sympathique vu qu'il avait été développé par sheenufilms... Que de bugs!!! Que de problème de hitbox!!! Que de problèmes tout court... Si vous voulez mon avis, le jeux n'est pas encore terminé et devrait retourner à la case programmation et nous sortir d'ici quelques jours une nouvelle version patchée. Dommage, le jeu pouvait sembler généreux mais tu as été trop pressé de le sortir.

video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z65T9p6Hxh0

Wow, already this looks better than the first game I've reviewed! There's a weapon store and everything. I have much higher hopes for this than Jetstream.

While the gameplay is a bit repetitive, it looks more promising than the last game, for several reasons.

- Killing zombies just seems rewarding, for some reason. So does gunplay.

- The store and weapon system adds a bit more variety to the game, to make it more interesting.

- It's conventional, so I can get behind it.

If in Jetstream, you could use those coins to buy powerups that let you charge through the pufferfish, and in exchange had to miserably fail the first few times, I would find it to be more fun than the same gameplay. While this does have the same aspect, seemingly, no matter what gun you choose, it seems much more fun, since you might have to think: Which gun should I buy, or should I repair my fort? Would that turret be worth it, or would a couple of mines be more effective?

^-^ I appreciate something like this coming out after Jetstream! It confirms to me that you were just having difficulties changing genres, since gunplay seems to be what you're most experienced in so far. Good work, I think I'll be playing this for a while.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2015
12:50 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed