Find Sneaky Ski Cabin

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Doing the laundry 10 Points

Doing the laundry

Give a fish 10 Points

Give a fish to the Yeti!

Lumberjack 10 Points


Shovel the Snow! 25 Points

Shovel the Snow!

Find Sneaky! 100 Points

Give him an extra cuddle for me!

Author Comments

You and your cat Sneaky went to the ski cabin. Sneaky loves hiding from you and you love finding him! Look around, collect items and solve puzzles to find Sneaky! Good luck and have fun playing!


Another good one. Great job on the artwork. Puzzles/Clues were not that hard, but I had to use my memorization (which is crap, so I had to get my phone and take a picture).
I almost didn't see the checker, good one on the hiding of it. :)
The music is the same one that made me think 'Twilight' lol

Why does there always have to be a person that needs help. Gurl people have problems to you know.

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Great game as always from selfdefiant. I love these games!

i just want to start off with the start screen gives you the 2 options of "Play" and "New".. that was.. a little wierd.. also, the music is alittle sharp, and its an abrupt loop.. its a small detail, but if it is the same song we are going to hear over and over, might as well put some more thought into it.

the snow is so bright, that over time it will make you temporary snow-blind. its hard to see where there is a point of entrance, for an example, i had a hard time seeing the cave and the road leading to the cave, putting alittle shade on the road would help out alot.. the cave part was mostly my fault, but it was alittle blinding.

the artwork looks ok, its surely suitable for kids, but the boxes on the sides to make you move to the next room feels abit unnecessary.. you added this to some doors, but not to the front door of the cabin.

the checker was unfairly hard to find due to the color and when i placed it where it belong, the key pops out of nowhere, no explanation. making it feel like you might aswell add some magical book to teach you spell to go trough certain doors.

im usually a huge fan of room-escape/point and click adventure, but this game didn't manage to hold my interest for long. the beginning was a little stressful, the music tried to calm me, but didn't manage to and instead just annoyed me. giving me the walk-trough in-game feel like i could watch that and then i have no need to play it. the medals were just progression points saying "i play'd this game this far" instead of "i did something unique and awarding", it was really unnecessary to include them in the game.

1/5. it feels like you did this in a hurry and didn't put as much fine touch in the game. seeing your game list just for 2015 just make me feel like you don't really care as much about quality as quantity. and this feels more like a linear thing than anything else.. a copy.

a child may enjoy it more.. but i didn't

selfdefiant responds:

Well, I must say that I'm not about quantity. If that were the case I would be making 10 games a week. I'm not. I know what I am doing and this game placed Daily 3rd. I'm happy with it. It could use some improvements as could any game on here. I could have spent 5 more hours on this game and you could have still found something wrong with it. The medals are there for achievement purposes to make the player feel accomplished, and they do feel that I feel.

Good but these games are really for 6-10 year olds. Since I am older I guess I should skip these types of Selfdefiant games and play only the challenging ones where some serious effort and thought went into making them.

selfdefiant responds:

I try to supply for all ages. :)

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Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2015
7:19 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 3rd Place January 7, 2015