Smokin Barrels 2

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Travel long and wide across the Wild West ready to take out all the outlaws that killed your friends. 30 bandits want your head and you got some bullets for each of them. 19 upgrades and consumables are there to get you drunk and strong for the 30 missions you must complete in your wild west adventure! The economy is tough here so work your way around with 3 mini-games that might get you some cash. Each bullet counts, each job is rewarded!

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Awesome graphics. Great music. But, much easier than the 1st Smokin' Barrels. And need o' bit o' work on the grammer and the Texan slang ( I'm from Texas and hadn't heard o' most o' them dadburn sayins' )

A shitty sequel to an amazing game. It's the same game with new sprites. Nothing else is new. Complete trash. If you're looking for a good dueling game, play the original as it is basically the same game except better.

i got bullseye while drunk and didnt take any damage

Really good I wished I played this game again If I rememebered the DARN game name but thank you for making this game.

(Please at update all my 5 R Desreves 5 Stars c:)

Good game, enjoyable - I like the fact that it's a target that you aim for. Problem is that at the point of the target appearing - taking into account the animation of the target appearing, the computer moving their crosshair up to it AND the sounds playing as it appears --- the lag means that you don't even see it appear before you've already lost. This is the sole reason that I quit despite getting over half way through. Which sucks really, cos I really liked it other than that!

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2015
7:26 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed