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Counterfeit Moves

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This short is about how Marth and Roy back in melee had a unique down B special called the counter. Peach had a counter but it was more of a projectile and was her neutral. But as newer games came out, more and more characters have a down special counter. Even the Mii Fighters. I would be a little upset if I was Marth.

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XD And now Roy has returned so that should really cheer Marth up. As long as Marth can pay $5 for the DLC.

Short & Sweet! What the hell are you doing reading this review? Five Star this animation!


The struggle is the same

Not really sure what Marth spamming, 'minna, mitetekure' has to do with everyone countering, but the joke was still funny. That RIP clip at the end, tho, earned you these four stars. Very nice.