LH : The Last Rage eps 3

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In the end this episode is done! well... took 1 years to finally finish this because i don't have my own laptop and need to be at home for me to make the animation. Thanks for everyone supporting me to complete this episode.
And sorry for my bad english if some subtitle is wrong.
Enjoy the movie :D
Hope the next episode will release fast.
The battle continue! Fidia forced to use all of his power to beat the infected ghoul and his minions (The ghoul summont minions???). In other side someone follow her and join the battle.
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Inspiring music for that intro! For a while I thought it'd be more of a musical/music video than an episode. I guess I should see the previous ones to fully understand the scenario, but it was entertaining all the way, and the dialog... seems to be in at least three different languages? Wasn't expecting that! :O

Subtitles are definitely appreciated, though it's a bit strange reading the subtitles on top of the screen, it's like when you focus on the upper part you view the 'image' above the text, so you're missing a bit of the animation below. Maybe that's just a heavily ingrained habit though. Animation's great, overall: nice work!


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crs05 responds:

not three, but four. Indonesia, English, Arabic, and France.
I will try to make the animation better, thanks for watch my anims :)

I like animation and effects but dubbing was lifeless:)

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Jan 3, 2015
1:23 AM EST