Froman in Small Town ep4

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Happy New years everyone! Finally a New episode of Froman in Small Town is here! Its good to have this episode up and for everyone to see :D The main thing I focused on in this episode was dialogue, character development, and character interaction which is practically what I've been building up over the past 3 episodes so far I feel like I'm doing O.K in that and its normal not to know too much about a certain character until further episodes.

Although late this episode was good fun making, threw in some movie references in this episode had one live action scene in the very beginning I hope doesn't throw anyone for too huge of a loop. I won't be doing live action clips much or at all. I was able to bring a setting from one of the comic strips into the series too, redone for the show and it is coolness on another scale.

My animation style is the same and that's cool. Still some flaws but I'm taking small improvements at a time. Broke a habit that I've had long ago when I started animating, me and one of my buds made fun of; called the "3 episode curse". When I started dabbling in animation when I was younger and made a series I'd always stop at 3 episodes I'm glad that's not the case with this series.

Thank You to my voice actors

Andre - Marco
Chibigurla- Matilda
Brianna- Ally <- no longer with us :(

And Thank you Newgrounds community to when this finally gets out of judgment.

And to my 11 fans Watching, Waiting, and Wanting more.

Happy New Years again!

Kevin MacLeod- Easy Lemon

Still Parade - Actors (Dinnerdate Remix)

Tugboat - 8-bit Hip Hop Medley

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More please and good to see you making progress!!

Hey man, seems like you get better and better at this animation stuff, great!... So, why the long holdup ? out of story ideas ?

Mdoganima responds:

Well I explain somethings in one of my bulletins or page updates. I know how I want to rap up the first season. Organizing and making a script is usually when things get stretched out for me. Glad you like my cartoon and I appreciate your viewership. ^_^

Loosely based on a comic strip in tumblr. Lol!

About that guy, so if he had an opinion, he wouldn't have been shot when usually if you have an opinion with some gangsters that's when you get shot.

That blob thing I could swear it was on every single anime ever.

The black introduction: **slams doors open** who the hell are you?

Gaud why don't they just let him hang out with ally?

H!m. Do friends usually smack each other around?

Why is every black guy with a fro' an afro ninja?

Star fox coffee?! Oh emm gee yeah!!

Oh. Cliff hanger. I'm shaking. This is more intense than when you (choose whether to) cut off Sarita's hand at the end of episode 3 season 2 of the walking dead games series.

Mdoganima responds:

xD I'm glad your enjoying yourself.

Everything was pretty good. The lip-sync could've use some work, but that was not the focus. The story itself is very great, and I hope to see more in the future. :)

Mdoganima responds:

Yea I could tell the lip sync and audio was a little off I always have some problem with it per video. Thanks for the comment !