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Freddy's Lament part 2

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Here it is Freddy's Lament Part 2! This story is based on the 5 children disappearing and how they ended up in the suits. I realized I wanted to tell a different story instead of just doing a plain theory. I hope you all enjoy the animation and have a Happy New Year!

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Six years since someone has commented do people still watch this?

This is a truly terrifying series...nicely done

I loved it and correct me if im wrong isnt that golden freddy's exoskelton that was removed so the purple man can fit in the suit. OR am i way of track?

i must say the animation is well done here. the drawing is good character designs match their design in the game. this might be the animation that is very close to the games actual character design. the atmosphere of the light and dark areas are great. overall. 5 stars. all my 5 r belong to this

sooooo good very very good and the other part sooooooooooooooooo good