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Sports Nuts

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A cartoon by Marc M.


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I like the hand drawn style and the clean almost ceramic color palette. Another great thing about this is the little hidden jokes like the 7 fingers. I love it

Another animation from my favorite comedy animator of all time. Laughed my ass off as usual, just never know what to expect from your vids but they are always gold without fail. It pisses me off that this only got less than 4,000 views in nearly 2 months. I can barely stand watching the other garbage on this site when brilliant stuff like this gets largely ignored :(

But for some reason loads of people just don't get your humor, which is crazy to me cuz I can't even imagine the state of mind of someone who doesn't find this funny! I guess they're just used to typical generic 'jokes' which bore the fuck out of me. Original stuff like this is what I look for, and RomeoJR dishes it out again. Never give up!

lol "go take a shit bitch" had to put that in quotes the last time I said a quote from an animation my review was deleted due to improper and abusive language lol.....but any way haha that was so funny lol.This ended so unexpactadly not the way I thought it would but it was a nice animation and the voice acting was awesome


Seriously I just showed this to my friend and since my name is Mike he might be calling me that XD

As usual I dont know what makes your weird humor so damn enjoyable. Is it the walk animations for every character? The way the lines are delivered? Or wonderful songs like "Bitch go take a shit" or maybe random celbrities like Mila Kunis on a shirt.

That said I cant wait to see what you have in store for us in 2015!

not quite par for the course your olderstuff scratched that particular itch.... but its not doing the trick like it used to. its still funny but not in the same way i mean when i used to watch this i was filled with boyish glee hint of shame and a little self lothing. now i just get a chuckle. hit us with a good one for old time sake!