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Jet Gunner Mini

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Stage 1 100 Points

Complete Stage 1, The City

Stage 2 100 Points

Complete Stage 2, The Factory

Stage 3 100 Points

Complete Stage 3, The Mountain

Stage 4 100 Points

Complete the Final Stage, The Airship

Author Comments

Hopefully fixed some of the bugs with the some of the bosses and levels not ending.
Also added in a password feature as well.
Plus, I've added the option to suicide in case something gets broken. (Press esc.)

I thought to help promote one of my Steam games, I'll make a quick Game Boy de-make of it!

It's a pretty quick game, four stages that are loosely based on the levels from the full 8-bit NES version of the game, which you can find 'ere on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/314250/
(50% At the moment!)

I've added in some medals to unlock. There is no saving in the game, but there is passwords, I've gone total Game Boy mode with this. (Although it's super short anyway.)

Default Controls:
Left/Right Arrows = Move
A = Shoot
S = Jump
(You can change them in the flash game to some other defaults)
-/+ = Change Volume.

Anyway hope ye like! :D

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Cool game, the only reason why it´s 4,5 stars is that the falling in level 3 and wind in level 4 were very annoying.

Pretty awesome game. I adored the game on steam which is why I bought it after seeing sinclair's offerings here on new grounds. The only game I didn't like by the developer is "Sole Gunner " which more or less a Mega Drive clone of "Alien Solider" (Even though it's highly regarded, I hate games that just focus on boss rushes). This game reminds me that of bionic Commando but using a jet pack instead of a grapple system. Awesome music, great actions and easy to control makes this a good "mini" version. The only thing that holds this game back is the scrolling on some stages...where you would pass a land point and die because you're out of fuel. I highly recommend playing this if you enjoy games of a better,simpler time in gaming. I *love* retro styled games and I hope I get to see more from this devver. You'll bet I'll be storing games of his on steam. (when and if they become available!)

I kind of expected that the controls would be that of a standard game boy emulator. I was all confused at first, because you said gameboy and it was not gameboy controls :S

Other than that the game play is quite nice. You shoot enemies and can collect upgrade on the ground and use your jump/jet pack for long jumps. That's a quite simple gameplay that's making it quite enjoyable and it made me feel nostalgic of the time when I had still a gameboy (it broke :-L ...)

Of course, there are a number of other aspects and issues, but I think they're already well explained in the posts below.

It's.... Okay. The most notable aspect of the game was that It reminded me of all that was wrong with a lot of gameboy games back in the day - cheap deaths from bad programing and static levels. It's remarkable that you found a way to revive this almost forgotten gamer experience, reviving it from the dead. I suggest you immediately rebury that idea, and leave it in the annuals of gaming history, and concentrate on what many of those games from the past did right.

Fantastic game! Everything works well with each other. The jet pack is a really nice element added in. I love the random weapon drops, to me it adds a new type of skill element to it. The third level was a bit complicated due to dying if I jumped too high up. Which isn't a terrible mechanic, but it did get a little frustrating. I realized then how much fuel I had and just skipped most of it. I know you might hear it a lot but the level is comparable to contra, but you might hear it a lot for a reason. Oh thank you so much for having the fuel refill instead of having pick ups. The bits on the fourth level where you have to jump would be near impossible. Another thing I'm sure you've heard a lot so far is about the color palate. Its spot on for a Game Boy. If this was made back in '89 when the GB came out I know it would be an instant classic. It would be awesome if there were a bit more levels and ported to a cartridge. I do realize it's a "demo" of sorts but for what it is It's really fun! The only thing I found was when i was jumping on top of the first fire shooting box where the floor falls out on level 2 floor 2 (I believe) I got stuck. Thank goodness for the esc button haha. Other than that I found no real problems. Maybe I'm just nitpicking at this point at an otherwise solid game, but it would be cool to see an in game mute button and a way to get to the main menu. Overall awesome game from an awesome developer! Great overall feel with minimal to no flaws. I will be playing this again! Keep it up!