Free Run

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Move-Arrow Keys
Press R key - Goto Menu

Play with mozilla firefox browser.if you open with another browser game not load.

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Day 3768328263257: Still waiting to load.

pencpeci responds:

Please open my game with mozilla firefox if you open my game another browser my game not load.

Will not load for me

Very generic and woody, the animation is pretty low, it looks as someone's first try in this type of game-making. Need a lot of work and more complexity.

This is what you get if you release a game without finishing it. The design is bare-bones, the stage never ends, the collectibles are pointless, and it's possible to run off the edge of the screen.

This is a nice core concept for a game, but it feels kind of flat.

There are two main issues. First, gameplay is limited. The only actions are to run faster, run slower, jump, slide. It would be much more interesting if there were more ways to interact with the environment: swinging, bouncing/hopping off of obstacles to quickly change direction and gain or lose some momentum, flips and rolls, etc. Similarly, the obstacles are kind of limited. Right now there is just the low wall, the high wall, the floating block, and the table-like thing. I'd add things like ramps, steps, ceilings that you have to be careful not to hit.

Second, there is really no incentive to run quickly in the game. The best strategy is to run slowly as possible and make tiny hops over the obstacles. A game like this should be all about building speed and momentum and trying to conserve it. One way to do this would be to make obstacles that require a lot of speed to pass (like large pits that you have to jump over) and to change the scoring to depend on speed (score = [value of coin] * [speed when you ran into the coin]). You could have some obstacles like ramps and swings that help build momentum, and others like nets or thin walls with some "give" that you can run into and smash through without losing, but at the cost of being slowed down

Minor things:
- It would be nice if there was a score counter as you run (instead of just at the very end of the game).
- Even the fastest mode isn't all that challenging. I'd recommend upping the speed of all settings.
- More interesting backdrops would add some flair
- The music is good, but a having a few more selections would be nice

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0.90 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2014
10:41 AM EST
Adventure - Other