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Severe Road

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Brave mercenary, must protect the train from the attacks of robbers! Shoot everything that moves and be careful - do not fall from a moving train!

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The graphics are probably the best part of this game. The gameplay has totally been ruined by bus, glitches, and the lag monster. Lag is the one thing that can ruin any game. Once you fix up the basics, the game will improve.

Descent graphics, but very glitchy and very uninspiring. Feels like a bunch of programmers needed some money and quickly made a new version of a previous game.

While the graphics and idea were appealing, the bugs are many. Half the time, I couldn't move. It only allows me to shoot when it wants me to shoot, and the reload time is ridiculous. Fix and i'll consider playing again/rating higher.

Why donĀ“t you call him glitch road?

Nice for passing time and letting off some steam.
Like others, though, I didn't like the upgrades much. Initial accuracy in particular is horrible. I got it eventually that after a certain number of upgrades, the weapon is advanced, I even noticed that you change the in-game graphic! - but the weapon just shoots a bit faster... at least don't call it "sawed-off shotgun" in that case :-P Weapon upgrades look even worse when noticing that enemies do have slightly different weapons. I wouldn't have minded a machete.
It's nice that there's an obvious sound when I'm done reloading, I was missing a clear indication in several shooting games. Would've been nice to have a clear indication when getting hit too, though, I got killed quite easily without noticing...
The game lagged significantly in the later levels. It seemed also not to respond very well when shooting in the early stages.
I was disappointed that there was no boss or a proper ending.

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3.24 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2014
5:19 AM EST