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Carl distracts Larry round the chum cooler. Consequences arise! Be sure to check us out on our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/inlivingterror

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Love the animation and the jokes were funny but I guess I'm tired of the whole "sharks are mindless sociopath" angle people are always pushing. Either way, great job on the actual video itself, the theme didnt really appeal to me though.

InLivingTerror responds:

Hey man, totally get you on that. We love sharks and don't think they deserve the bad rep they get. They definitely need more environmental protection. But this was just for fun!

I absolutely love this. Absolutely.

Reminds me of something from Shawks.

InLivingTerror responds:

Thank you so much! Expect more

how r u?

InLivingTerror responds:

I'm great! Thanks for asking! How about you?

I really liked it. Haters gonna hate and Lizard-people fearing people gonna Lizard. Let them Lizard.

We need more office sharks. Strictly on screen and not in a real office.

InLivingTerror responds:

My words exactly. Glad you enjoyed it!