Pixel Sword

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*Pixel Sword has controller support*
A & D (or arrow keys) = Move Left and Right
ENTER, O or 2 = Attack
SPACE, P, or 1 = Jump

Download Pixel Sword for Android:

Download Pixel Sword for iOS:

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Good game! I love the unlockable character skins and the boss fight, I just have one question:
Did you make this game using Game Maker Studio 2?
A really weird question, but thought I'd ask.
3.5/5 Stars from me!

Not as awesome as the new one, but still pretty good! Would have appreciated being able to level up more than just my health and why the new characters when they were useless? Also, the controls were not good, but I know you corrected that in your new game. I liked this one a lot.

Very nice little game !!!

First of all, nice game! I made a brief playthrough of part of it. Here's the link, in case you were interested: <http://youtu.be/ObFDBPGxD24>

I have a few notes. I did enjoy the game, but there were still some issues. First off, the controls were a little bit weird. I think it would have been a lot better if you could customize the controls. The attacks were a little weird. There is a slight slide forward if you attack while moving. It caused me a few problems. That said, none of the enemies were that hard, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I liked the secrets and characters hidden throughout some of the levels. It was a little disappointing, though, that none of them actually made any difference. It would have been nice to see some abilities or something that made them actually worth it. There were dragons that looked suspiciously like something special, but again, there didn't seem to be anything you could do.

I really did think this was a good game. It had a lot of potential, I just think it could have been a little bit deeper than it was. Thanks for all the work you put into this, and I look forward to anything else you might create :)

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not bad! ramp up the difficulty though. by the way, control works for attack, so the other weird mappings aren't necessary.

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2.62 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2014
2:41 PM EST
Adventure - Other