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All of the everything is by me.

It's a follow up to these, but they don't need to be watched in order:

Pooing (2011)

Wizard of Oz (2013)

I really love reviews. Constructive criticism is my favorite.

Also, here's my YouTube in case you want it:


Definitely a good series. The citizens ideology joke, that was smart. I Believe this is a nice formula: really simple animation style, little bit of sillyness in characters' speeches, but some clever humour in the background. I'm watching your other videos now and I'm looking forward to new contents

TylerLandis responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate this review! :)

Great animation but I don't know why you chose to represent that organised citizen ideaology as negative or stupid, It is actually important and for me is the reason its a negative point and is the only reason I've rated less than 5. Your skills at animation are very good but even if my opinion was against that idea it wouldn't be that funny. :/

I hope to see more from you :)

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TylerLandis responds:

Thank you so much for this review! I totally agree with the organized citizen ideology. I made that character sound weird and dumb because that's how those sorts of ideas usually sound the first time you hear them. Then, the more you think about it, it starts to make more sense. So I guess the point was for people to think "Haha that guy's ridiculous... but wait... what he's saying kind of makes sense, doesn't it?" I didn't think about the fact that if you agree with him right away it makes me look dumb as the creator, haha. But I'm totally on your side, he's secretly the smart one.

Glad you liked it aside from that!

Speaking of which, we should get some Flash mobs back on NG again. Some star squads and glock crews, clock groups, maybe a soup syndicate, a bunch of people coming together to liven up this place! Nice skit. :)


TylerLandis responds:

Hey thanks! And yea, more collabs would be cool. I'm actually helping to organize one now in the "Flash Animators of YouTube" facebook group if you want to join!

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3.62 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2014
5:18 PM EST
Comedy - Original