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Chapter 7 SneakPeek

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Author Comments

This is a sneak peek. Be sure to check out chapter 6 first here -> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/650114

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A nice preview of chapter 6. It is hard to give a full score for a sneak peek.

When is the full chapter gonna be out? By the way i'm a huge fan of your work! Keep it cool. And don't run out of power otherwise you know what will happen.

Ferdafs responds:

It's almost finished. It will probably be out tomorrow. ^^ I'm kinda confused though, what power? o_o'... What will happen? You confuse me summoner!

Love the series and this one doesn't seem like an exception! Can't wait for the release but do you have a ballpark estimate of when it will be completed?

Ferdafs responds:

Chapter 6.5 is out! Hope you like it! ^^

Great i just admire your work and what you do in those series :D I was just wondering if the Summoner will go in all places on the map like Ionia (would be cool if you would visit the Ninja village and get Akali there :D),Noxus (well you said earlyer that Katarina will be there so i gues yes :D) Bande City and Bilgewater
I would also like to Know if there will be also Ahri and Riven?

hello there!i just wanted to say that i am a HUGE fan of the series!!I am begging you to keep doing them!i jut wanted to say some of my thoughts and stuff that u may follow or just ignore..no pressure there i would just LOVE to see them..! 1.It actually annoyed me a little that ashe had sex with trynda and not with the summoner,i would like to feel like it was me.it turned me off to be honest and it's a shame cause she was SO HOT! i know they are supposted to be married but yeah..2.have a replay button at the minigames and explain a bit more what we should do to play them please. 3.i didn't like that much that you putted anivia and Taric at ch.7 because just imagining anivia in the game it certainly dosen't make me feel horny.4.Please please please please this is the most important part..I WOULD LOVE to see the following champions 'in action' Katarina,Caitlyn,Miss Fortune,Riven,Lux and akali maybe. PLEASE IT WOULD BE FAN-TA-STIC!if you do those things i may create a church for you :P or you may create for yourself cause i will certainly donate alot of money to your paypal!CHEERS MAN!

Ferdafs responds:

Hey there! Thank you for the comment. I love reading fan comments, they are like boosting potion that make me work twice as much! I always read every message and I always consider what people have to say. Now I'll start answering to your requests. ^^

1. I fully understand what you mean about Ashe. Summoners quest was always about the player being the the summoner and having control over the game. Sadly league of legends is not my game, so I don't dare change any of the facts given in the game lore (unless I find it critical for the summoners story).

2.The replay button was something I really wanted to add as well, but I decided to not make it and just leave it to the "Gamer Survival Instincts" ;) I thought it would be more realistic and fun that way(and a little bit sadistic!).

3.I haven't said this to anyone yet, you'll be the first one to find out but Anivia is NOT chapter 7 . It was a typo made by me because I was lacking sleep. I hadn't slept normally for weeks when I posted the game and I noticed my mistake after a 2 days. I will announce it once I make my FAQ video. Anivia is chapter 6.5 It's more of a filler/closing chapter for the Freljord saga.

4. I would love to add all of those champions in the game as soon as possible but I can't. All the champions the summoner meets depend on where he travels. But I'll tell you a little secret. One of the listed champions is coming soon! (I'm not telling which though) :P

Again, thank you for your support! The games will keep coming!

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2014
10:57 AM EST