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Math Leaper

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Author Comments

Leap and jump into power ups and candies to unlock new heights and achievements by answering math questions correctly. Test your math skills while avoiding nasty slime that will ruin your high flying adventure.

Start your game by hitting play. Then select the grade and math skill you want to practice. Answer questions correctly to jump higher. Time your answers so you collect power ups and boosters while avoiding slime.

*Our second game made using the TeachMe API. Goal is to make good games that help kids master math. Happy to get feedback and make this better. Also can provide the API to anyone interested in making games that test math.

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Simple. Good way to practice math.

A few problems with how the game functions:

On some levels with fractions, either the question or answer bubbles can contain raw TeX markup, such as \frac\[1]\[4]. This is typically readable for those familiar with the language, but needless to say, it's not the most user-friendly way to be presented with the numbers. In the answer bubbles, these raw strings can take enough space that it shrinks the already-thin font too small to make out any of the numbers in the fraction whatsoever, which leads to an unplayable question.

Some "number sentence" questions get their signs mixed up. For example, there was one that read "? x 60 = 58" where the correct answer it wanted was 3480, as though it presented a multiplication problem when it really meant to ask for division. In most cases, it's obvious to see it as a wrong sign since there's no answer choice even remote close to what it would be going the other way. Still annoying.

For multiplation and division problems, some results have a precise answer that goes to 2 decimal digits of precision, but the answer choices are invariably limited to one decimal digit, leading to imprecise answers. Sure, you can find the one that's closest, but I remember one that asked "-7/22 x 3.3 = ?", with answer choices of -1.0, -1.1, -1.2, and -1.3. As it turns out, the equation results in exactly -1.05, dead center between two choices, so in order to solve it to the game's satisfaction, now we have to be aware of the game's canonical ROUNDING ALGORITHM: in case of a tie, does it round up? Down? Toward zero (which is different in the case of negative numbers, as this one was)? Away from zero? Toward the even digit? The game doesn't present any visible indication, so dinging a player for a wrong answer simply because they picked a different rounding algorithm (but still got the correct underlying result) is completely unjustified. On a side note, the game does appear to prefer "round away from zero", in case any other players are in a situation like this and are looking for clues to arrive at a single, unambiguous answer.

Bills-hp responds:

Wow thanks for the feedback, will work on this programs and make these improvements. Thanks a ton!!

Yep, neat little game, i think this could work out.
I'd like to know my average time for answering questions, maybe even per grade/skill. An in-app volume control might be nice too.
I think the shuffling of skills-types could be a bit more frequent, at least on the higher grades maybe.

Also: While the game is paused and you look at the math stats f.e., hitting ESC resumes the game in the background but doesn't close the pause menu.
The list at the customize window doesn't really make use of the entire hight of the window, thats odd imho.

PS: Newgrounds medals pretty please? :3

Bills-hp responds:

Thanks for trying it out. Right now you can either hit menu and hit stats or end of game screen in which you get the details of your progress.

We'll add time per skill type as well and get more info which we have on our site but didnt make it into the API

nice game,
good work!

Wow, a game about solving math problems. How fun....

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2014
8:18 PM EST