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Carrot Nose

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Hi everyone PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR VOLUME UP! this animation doesn't really work watching it in silence.

Here is a short animation for winter time!
Yes it's short but come on I just finished a 24 minute 3 part animation for halloween Think i've earned a little break with a short :)
no music to this one it's made up completely of sound design and I very very very happy with how it turned out. My friends helped me out with recording and I can't thank them enough for that. I'm trying to make this art style my new standard so let me know what you think about it our how I can improve it. Hope you all enjoy it and please check out my Patreon page where you can help support future content

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Nice again Merry Xmas

ClockworkPixel responds:

thank you

For some reason i was really intrigued by the art of the first scene with the kid in the red hat and striped scarf. The art style just seemed to go along perfectly with it... as for the rest of the cartoon I wasnt really entertained, but the beautiful first scene made the movie worth while for me. Not to say the whole cartoon was bad, I enjoyed it.. it just needed something more in my opion. Anyway great job! keep it up. Check out my Profile if you like.. got some good animations myself!

ClockworkPixel responds:

thanks for the review and I shall check out your profile :)

Loved it! Kinda scary, and the final was awsome

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you

Remind me, how is this funny? its more scary than funny

ClockworkPixel responds:

I was going for darkly funny :)

love it as i often do love all your content!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you so much :)