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High Scores

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Stakes is a action-packed highscore-based game in which the player uses stakes to destroy blocks, get combos, reach new heights and avoid a variety of spikes, bombs, and turrets.

Stakes is a mix of genres that requires quick reflexes AND quick thinking- strategy will always be rewarded with high combos.

Stakes is lovingly created using a retro pixel art Game Boy style, chiptune sounds with a modern touch, and tough-but-fair gameplay.

Icon made by the lovely @Takorii

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Super Puzzle Platformer 2.0

Very addictive game, but there are a few key glitches that kind of ruin it.

- When running up to a block, your character sometimes starts jumping by itself.
- Seemingly at random times jumps are blocked or cut short.
- My character has turned invisible at certain times when being hit by a dropping block.
- When a bomb drops on another bomb, there are 2 results, either they both just dissapear, or they both blow up, so you never know if you should run or not.
- When you use spikes to climb a block, sometimes your jump will simply not work. You have to drop off to be able to jump again.
- When climbing a cannon from the backside, sometimes you'll get killed when it fires (even though you are on the safe side)
- Also when using stakes to climb blocks, sometimes you'll jump 2 blocks high at random.

Again I like the game, that's why I posted these glitches, hoping you could sort them out.
The random factor still sucks sometimes, but it's the same with tetris.
The glitches really kill it though..

its a cool concept and you pulled it off pretty well but the controls aren't 100% and its frustrating when you die because the whole floor is spike blocks or you otherwise can't do anything to save yourself.

This game is absolutely addictive, and I keep coming back to it and just spacing out and playing game after game, but the imprecision of the controls just gets to me every time.

Solid game, needs some fixes, jumps are inconsistent and I have had a problem where I was being blocked from jumping by the block itself as if there were a block there when I was jumping up from a stake.