Super Smash Bros ST 7

November 6, 2014 –
March 13, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Captain Falcon and Falco VS Mewtwo


Henry, admiro tu trabajo, es bueno saber que los latinoamericanos tenemos talento. He visto como desde el primer capitulo de SSB-ST has intentado superarte y con eso lograr una notoria mejora audiovisual. Estoy seguro que algun dia leeras este comentario, solo quiero decirte gracias por darnos a los fans tuyos un deleite para nuestros ojos, sin duda admirable tu esfuerzo y dedicacion.

needs SBB Sonic to step it up C'mon

Where is sonic tho??????

that was a badass fight scene. i was hyped up the whole time! i have loved your series from the first episode keep it up man you have a huge fan!!

I freaking loved this episode man. I'm going to end up being heavily inspired by you when I do my SSB series fklsdjaflkdsjkl;fjsdklafjsdl;k

Could I ask where you got those Falco sprites though? I'll be sure to contact the original owner before I use them.

But seriously, some generic anime soundtracks aside (though they are so good), I loved the story and the presentation of this episode! Everything was just brought out so well!

I'm really glad to see you back at it, I wish Alvin(Alvin-Earthworm) would do the same, but keep up the good work :).

1 naruto shippuuden track and 2 Sword Art Online tracks,

but the script and the choreography are spot on! very emotional and touching

I loved it! More please!

Did I just see...
That animation is sick, man, 5★'d..!

My God! This serie is still on? I mean its been like 7 years and i thought it was gone. Glad to see it alive!

my friend this is amazing <3 respect

Did you get permission to use Sword Art Online's battle theme?

It's good, I like it, but there's a few flaws that keep it from me giving it a completely good score.
For one, the music seems out of place at times. Like the fight scene for instance. It started out pretty hopeful from the beginning, but it should've had a heavier, more desperate sound. Also, a lot of the music sounded as if it would be more fitting in a cheesy drama anime or some such, so I couldn't take it serious at times.
And for another, I don't mean to offend, but it seems painfully obvious that English isn't your first language. Please, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE find someone who owns English as a mother language. Have them proof-read your dialogue and fix it to be more bearable to read. Some of the dialogue seemed slightly awkward, like it was written using a flawed web translator, so you should definitely run it past someone else to see if they can fix it up a bit.
Lastly, there seemed to be a couple...I dunno, graphical mistakes? Things that weren't supposed to happen? They happened. Like Captain Falcon's name distorting off the screen at the beginning of one scene, and a piece of text being red when it appeared, but then in the last frame before it cut to the next bit of dialogue, it would turn the same color as the rest of the text. These are things that should be polished out in the final product.

All of the above pretty heavily damaged my opinion of the flash. You get half stars, sorry.

I was addicted when the movie open with wicked intro music. Second addiction occurred when I laid eyes on the custom text and text display. I feel it would be pretty plain to comment on the 8-bit style art, but there is a mad appreciation for it. Sweet action and moves-list that show a character's persona as well as potential character abilities not featured in-game; creates a personal effect that shows us how you view these characters. Lastly, the music follows the story line and creates emotions within the us allowing us to become angry, sad, or excited just like the characters are feeling. GREAT JOB. Cool.

Nice work man!

This bring back memories: from my early Newgrounds days, when I (too) didn't understand english very well, and of course memories of Brawl.
Since them my passion for Smash and Nintendo is as strong as ever, so I am very happy to see you continuing this series.
Best luck for the future (and on getting a WII U) ! This episode was both touching and epic, I hope we will be able to see more.

Only two words are needed to sum this up:


I waited so long for this.... Thanks dude... =D

An epic battle indeed! Overall the sprite work's great, intro, fight and everything, good balance between the intense and fiery and the ambient and slow-paced falls and wonders. Nice work!


first of , SAO osts for the music, you already got 3.5 stars for this.
second ive watch each episode and saw how mush you improved with the animation, the sfx, the story its in overall better.
the only down i could say is what happened to Wolf in the previous episode hes not one of my fav but i think you whent just a little far but its your story and its good
cant wait for the next episode! :)

going to be honest. I didn't expect this back so soon but im glad it is. I also see that you have improved heavily on the story, detail, music, and so on. welcome back to the show and here's to hoping we got to see more. Also nice job wth the reference at the end of that fight with mewtwo. For once that was Falco.


Daily front and he can't even spell Captain Falcon, I mean I guess..

After 6 years in development, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait

OH MY GOD , SUPER SMASH BROS ST 7 IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! I love it alot !!!!!!! . Did you how long have I been waiting for this to come and happen !?!?!?!?! A really long time (few years of waiting). Your sprite animation skills and technique are so flawless. Also I would vote this video a 5. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUPER SMASH BROS ST 8 TO COME !!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD ITS BACK. YES. THAT was a great fight. I guess my only complain was that some of the dialogue seemed to get a little dragged out. But I can live with that.

Lol i used that tender feeling and man of the world music in one of my movies that i deleted. I'm impressed on the improvements you made in this submission!

Oh man! It's Finally Out! I have been waiting like all my life to see this thing! Your job is amazing. I think you need to make a game of this,it's gonna be awesome! The only bad thing is this "Mario the only one can do something",all the characters are strong enough to fight with mario at the same level,sonic and mario have the same "power levels",i think you can make a tag battle like mario and sonic VS The hands,i wanted to see what happened to the other characters.



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