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The Awakening RPG

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Diglet 10 Points

Dig up 3 hidden items!

Divine Intervention 10 Points

Meet Douglas in every town!

Lucky Charm 10 Points

Get 1 Lucky Hit in battle!

Lucky Charms 10 Points

Get 10 Lucky Hits in battle!

Rookie 10 Points

Fight 10 battles!

Santa's Little Helper 10 Points

Complete 10 sidequests!

Shrooms 10 Points

Collect 50 mushrooms and/or butterflies!

Soul of a Poet 10 Points

Find all 3 poems!

Swordfish 10 Points

Obtain 3 swords!

Aqua Man 25 Points

Get 3000 points in the fishing mini-game!

Flawlessly 25 Points

Fight 20 Flawless battles!

Juggernaught 25 Points

Compete the Summoner's challenge!

Veteran 25 Points

Fight 25 battles!

Awakened 50 Points

Complete the game!

Legend 50 Points

Fight 50 battles!

Author Comments

You awake in a forest with no memory, carrying only a sword. Hint - it was not caused by severe drinking the day before.
Create your own character and embark on an adventure!

Please review this as just a flash game, I'm only a one-man team.
This is the culmination of years of work, it has been a very slow progress. And I hope you like it!
I intend to answer all reviews, so feel free to ask any question you may have!

I would love to see your character designs! Email gavelin989@hotmail.com a screenshot of yours! :)

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Many medals seems broken. For one, I didn't get the Aqua Man when I completed the goal, which was a pain. I also don't seem to get the "battle medals" even though I've counted the battles. A shame to see that the game's not finished and that the developer don't have any plans on finishing it, because it's a really fun game. A big no no for me though is the way it was presented: In the middle of the game, just like that. So for all of you that plays this game after me: Be prepared for that the game is not finished. Give it a go though, because there's lots to do and the gameplay is fun, but if you're looking for 100%, it's not doable.

The inventory size of the player could be limited due to grinding stuff and some potions should have side effects. Items that players cannot store in inventory (including cash and swords can be stored inside player houses, giving a real reason they should be purchased.

Speaking of the houses I think there should be a tax payed in px for their upkeep. It keeps rising over time and if it gets to 30 px of debt the house is lost. The threshold is determined by played difficulty level and city it is located in. I also believe that there should be a day/night cicle if it has to work. Maybe some shops in the night would be locked.

Players who would like to play the game more morally should be able to report a bag of drugs they found near that "thief tunnel" to guards. A reward for it would be having next 8 quick training sessions with Argas 50% cheaper (80 px in total instead of 160). Reporting it in Savina would result in guards telling you to take it back to Bavelock and report it there.

Hard difficulty level feels too easy for me. I have managed to defeat Golden Demon by avoiding all of his non-scripted attacks. Combat can remain as hard as it is but I believe that enemies should deal more damage to punish inexperienced players more as well as some enemies should be able to counter player's attacks or dodge and than attack the player but the player would have the ability to dodge both enemy counters and other trap moves before attacking. This would be mentioned by Argas during his tutorial training session. Enemies would also try to attack the player while he is casting spells but the player would be able to dodge enemy attacks while casting. Also on all non-cheat difficulty levels both player and the enemy are regenerating stamina slowly making combat look boring to impatient people.

About the tutorial with healing spell I believe the first enemy who shows up after learning it should be normally dodgable and fought as usual if someone wants to beat the game without getting hit. Tutorial about using healing spell should not display itself at all just to avoid bugs in case if it would have to happen at once with other tutorials.

Limit breaks should be balanced between each other. For example I believe that touch of fury should paralyze target, second limit break can remain the same acting as high damage dealer, third one should deal much less damage but will slow enemy down. Omnislash could act as post-order bonus for players who beat story mode of the game and can remain the same.

All spells should have a cooldown to prevent them from being spammed. Caleb's rain of fire could make slight exception here as it would only have activated it's cooldown upon unleashing fire.

I'm Gonna Use Berserker Spell as an Example of a Spell That Deserves a Remake:

* Can't be used for about 20 seconds after it deactivates.
* Activating it consumes no mana.
* Drains player's health by about 0,9 hit point per second. Does not prevent battles from being flawless this way. Also makes protagonist's only dark spell usable during attempts of beating entire game without taking damage from enemies.
* Drains about 2 point of mana per second. Can be manually deactivated. Automatically deactivated by protagonist upon ending the fight.
* Can be removed with anti-negative status effect potion as a side effect.
* Drinking limit break potion while being under berserk effect deals damage to protagonist. This prevents combat from being flawless.
* Stamina regenerates faster.
* The player can learn how exactly this skill works before ever using it but I leave this issue to developer how it should be solved.

This skill cannot be spammed anymore if so but on the other hand lack of 25 mana consumption to start it makes low mana players able to use it normally. Also greater stamina regeneration gives player opportunity to strike enemies more times.

Examples of Developer's Foresight I Want In This Game:

* If you fight a bandit while having a pack of drugs he can steal it from you.
* Non-linear playthrough and better reasons why the protagonist can't do certain things unless the story itself progresses. Tears can be collected in different order.
* The hound of Golden Demon does not have it's health cap at 1 to ensure it's survival and if the player bypasses it's limit break by any means he will be taken by nearby guards to Bavelock and dream sequence would be skipped. Also Golden Demon does not use his scripted 5 HP damage undodgable attack before the player gets a new limit break so it is possible to finish this fight flawlessly.
* Dion will dodge player's limit break during his boss battle so the player won't deplete his health to 0 and question himself "why is this guy still alive". Dion will escape anyway afraid of the player's inner power.
* Phantom stalkers randomly spawn in Blackwhisper Cave after collecting the cave's tear since they got awakened.
* The player would no longer be teleported back in the first screen of Blackwhisper Cave to start of it if Dion wouldn't be defeated yet. Kidnapping quest would be avaliable before fighting Dion at all. As I said before I believe that tears should be collectable in different order if the player can do in this game almost whatever he wants to.
* After completing summoner's challenge in order to get Serpent Blade summoner won't repeat the same dialogue as if it was obtained for the first time.
* The player can use items during summoner's challenge but it will result in Serpent Blade not being avaliable and if the player haven't reached Thanator yet Summoner will stop spawning next enemies. Both Argas and Summoner will feel disappointment but challenge can be repeated.
* Summoning bandits cannot result in spawning a bandit who stole Mithrel's bag.
* Hunting for enemies in overworld and certain locations a lot can result in their population decline and they won't spawn for some time.

I overall believe that this game has potential to become really good only if the developer decided to hire some people to upgrade it.

This game is amazing! Quick tip for players, grind before you go into the cave to get the other stone. That phantom stalker is possibly the most annoying enemy in the game with that tongue attack

I'm very disappointed, it seemed quite promising at first but as soon as I met Caleb the game broke. No matter how quickly I pressed dodge I always got hit, even when it displayed the blocking animation Caleb still took damage!

My childhood! And the love for the FF and FE community.