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Ame Fury

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Ame Fury is a turn-based fighting game, originally made as a submission to the Player.IO game competition that concluded back in 2012.

Choose from 4 different classes and battle it out in 4 different game modes.

Attacking uses stamina and casting spells uses magic. Stamina and magic regenerate each turn, but regenerate faster if you use the defend and focus abilities. Defending also increases your defense for that turn.

Ame Fury is a play on words. Ame furi is Japanese for "it rains."

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I have nothing to say but a good game hard but good

TharosTheDragon responds:

Thank you so much

Nice game to play

TharosTheDragon responds:

Thank you kindly.

why can't i register? it keeps saying Object Object in blue ._. ima make it 0 stars until i get to know how to register.

TharosTheDragon responds:

Until? Reviews are permanent. You can't change your review.

If the registration isn't working, it's not my fault. This game connects to two external API's.

You can try registering on another website that uses id.net (like y8.com or www.id.net) and then logging in, or you can just play as a guest.

I'm against this, if only because it requires other people. This game only has a few thousand views. I can't find anyone to play with me. I guess that isn't your fault. It's just that there could have been better planning with this. I guess the animation is pretty good.

I just literally couldn't play it. It did seem like an experiment for you. I like it when people try new things. This just didn't seem to work out. Why do I keep missing your submissions?

TharosTheDragon responds:

Yeah, it's not great, but there is a single-player mode.

It doesn't look like I'm on your favorites, so maybe that's why you're missing my submissions.

This game could still be great.

Interesting idea with the 4 choices. Each one works well with the other and requires some strategy to use correctly. The biggest problem was my "monk" missed close to 50% of the time. Which is ridiculous since after every 2 attacks I have to spend 2 turns reviving Energy and then Health... So after 8 turns I have hit the enemy ONCE on average... This should be fixed. Either have more energy or have some way to raise the hit % very soon into the game.

Also, the proceed button was really annoying. Having to move the mouse away from the fight buttons EVERY time to click proceed TWICE per round... Why not just have it automatically go to the next player with a 1 second delay or something.

It's too bad because the art, animation, sounds, idea, icons, EVERYTHING else is great. 5/5 on that. Unfortunately the above problems really drag the enjoyment down to a 3/5 level.

Hopefully you improve this game or make a new one with the same idea. Maybe make a backstory for the characters and a better fight selection menu. Maybe a town with upgrade shops or something.

TharosTheDragon responds:

I tried to raise the hit percentage as much as possible without throwing off the balance. This game is actually very finely tuned so that strength and dexterity give you the same average boost in damage per turn, meaning if all else is equal, a character that hits every turn should deal half as much damage as a character that hits every other turn. The same goes for defense and agility. I suppose I could have tweaked it even further though.

And I am pretty ashamed of the controls. There should definitely be hotkeys. I guess I just wanted to be done with this game and didn't want to delve too deep into perfecting it.

I don't think I'll be updating this game because I had to compile using a trial version of Flash CC in order to get the login API to work. As for a sequel, I think there's too little interest in that.