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KoL: Stonepath

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Continuing the story of Hood and Kingdom of liars, our adventurers travel to the ruins of Ardan and Stonepath to seek out the recently losed fiends.

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Blackroot. Willow reference, right?

Hyptosis responds:

Right! :D

I had to play every previous game and now here I am! Hehe. This are the points to consider: Maybe the best visuals in the series ever. I loved the artwork. I don't undestand people complaining about the game being short, there's a lot of games in this series that you can take as different levels from a single game, as I did. Other people complainig about the puzzles being hard: That makes the game longer, then, so... Now, this is a hint: READ everything you find (I've complained in other KoL about the lots of reading, I know, but here it was truly necessary) and think, connecting all you read with the possible actions leads you to succeed! The only part I really couldn't figure out was on how to use the hammer at the end. That wasn't very logical so I got stucked and finally had to run at the walkthrough. SPOILER! The buttons weren't too hard for me to figure out, but you usually made some glowing or something on them to notice something is changing, specially when you have to touch some of them so many times to insert the code. I didn't use the saw nor the teacup (future game, maybe), neither the morningstar, but I kinda knew that ; ) Thanks for the entertainment and the challenge!

Nice game :).
However, the button puzzle was the hardest. I thought I had to click the order of the button based on the story. It turned out that I had to press each button x times (based on each number mentioned in the story). Perhaps a more intuitive indicator like glowing lines/dots which indicates the number of each button pressed :).

Hyptosis responds:

Good idea!

As always a great story and universe. It's as if you are part of the world when you are playing. A shame the experience is so short.

Hyptosis responds:


Really great game with amazing artwork and a very funky soundtrack (just right for it). Thoroughly enjoyed it, loved the Pinkman line, and can't wait for your next project, however I do have three small(ish) suggestions to make:

In reverse order:

1) At a couple of points in the game some of the writing was too big for the text boxes employed and slipped outside of the borders. Just a minor point but thought I'd alert you to it.

2) I found myself wishing I had known what I had put into the cauldron. Perhaps if you had a couple of text lines explaining what you could see inside it, it might be handy?

3) The final puzzle with the buttons. This killed me. In the end I gave up and went to look at the walkthrough. Now, here's the thing, the actual logic of the puzzle is fine (you've used it in one of your Hood projects before and I recognised the signs) however I just did not know what to apply it to. I simply did not realise the combination buttons were actually buttons. I appreciate they have a clicking noise but they visually do not move. Just a slight depression when you click on them would be all it takes to make the player realise they can interact with the object (alternatively it could be [strongly] suggested in the text). From a designer's point of view you know that a player has to go read up on the story of the 2 brothers then go play around with the gate and sooner or later they will discover the 'hidden' buttons...however as a player how it worked for me was I was given the story of the brothers...went to the gate, couldn't see any changes, clicked on some stuff, nothing, went back to the woman [Jahnti?] started becoming confused, wondered if there was another puzzle somewhere I hadn't yet completed, and then began going over every scene. By this point my chances of discovering the 'hidden' buttons were miniscule as I now thought there was something somewhere else I was missing.
So, yes, long way of saying could you please just make the buttons move a tiny bit or at least make it clear you can interact with them at that point?

Thanks for more enjoyment anyhow, I love your work and I loved the special effects of the leaves blowing and the grainy haze over everything. Worked very well.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback!