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Ransack Rabbit Episode 1

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Episode 1: "No Particular Reason"
Part one of a bunch.

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I happen to know a rabbit that has a chopper, but he shoots up and plans against the system, and he has a fat girlfriend that he treats like shit. He's from fritz the cat, dunno his name.

uncle-x responds:

OK wasnt aware of that.

The character design is the highlight. If you want to get an audience for the character though, we need a little more background. Some internal narration would work well (it already looks inspired by sin city). It would be a much stronger cartoon with a well-drawn explosion animaiton at the end instead of the simple yellow light (considering that that is the climax). It is also somewhat noticable that the ground flips between only two frames when he is on his motorcycle, and that doesn't look too good.

lmao, for a while there I was starting to believe that maybe he really did have no particular reason to buy those matches after all! Before the grand boom! (looks like a graphical smudge over that explosion btw) Love the intro/outro of this. The content inbetween's not bad, but without those transitions it feels like the parody of it all wouldn't really be the same somehow. Nice animation; voice acting; work! As for the plot hmm, will there be one? Looking forward to next episode!


uncle-x responds:

Thanks... yeah, it maybe takes a while to get going (wherever it goes) but I've got a half dozen I'm working on right now... it's a real series.

I'm actually digging the offbeat vibe that this short produces.
The dialogue has that old school dubbed anime feel that I've grown to love over the years.
Well done.
This project is definitely doesn't fit the norm, but that's a good thing, refreshing in fact.
I'll be on the look out for the next installments.
Keep up the great work!

uncle-x responds:

Thanks! I'm trying to go for that, so glad you got it.

I really don't get the point. I think you should make it a little clearer... no offense.