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ARCIS Sevetrin Descent P8

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Warren Leffler — voiced by Brian Post

Gun merchant — voiced by Mike DeBonis

Opening title music by Neon Impossible

Episode music by Phil McDermott

ARCIS Sevetrin Descent is a motion comi
c series, based in the universe of the forthcoming novel ARCIS The final concept of liberty.

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Ah, Dystopian Dreamcake, this is! Amused we are!

buriedantenna responds:

Thank you, that's very kind of you :) 'Dystopian Dreamcake' is one of the best complements my work has ever received.

Awesome series!!!! Can't wait for the next episode!!!!

buriedantenna responds:

Thanks man, that's really nice of you. Great to hear you're enjoying it :)

Much better than the last couple of episodes.
I just don't think Alphonse is helping him anytime soon...

buriedantenna responds:

I'm happy that this episode worked for you Pacheco ;) and no, I don't like the look of that Alphonse fella either.

Its an enjoyable story and well done, though I'd love to see a visual novel with them all combined XD

buriedantenna responds:

Thanks, I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed it :) That's a pretty good idea and it would it be easy enough to cut together a version using all the episodes. I'll seriously consider it after I finish the last couple of episodes of this series.

An slow chapter but we need to put the plot somewhere.

buriedantenna responds:

It's just that kind of story. From the start I decided that I didn't want to keep to some artificially imposed schedule when it came to the physical events of the plot, or explaining the wider story. It's about a man trapped in a situation and the effect that it has on him— I really wanted to focus in on that. It may lead to violence or action at times... it may not. I hope you keep watching, as I know you've been with the series since the start and I always like to read your thoughts on each episode :)