Dashwood's Daring Delves

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Dashwood, the treasure hunter, has stumbled across the way to Terrapolis Temple and he needs you to guide him through the dangers on the way. Travel through the Greystone Tunnels, journey into the dungeons of Castle Raven and make your way to the Terrapolis Temple while collecting as many kupons as you can!

WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement
J: Select/Flail (once obtained)
K: Back/Bombs (once obtained)
P: Pause

The game was made for GameBoy Jam 3 and unfortunately, we didn't get it properly finished. We've since taken the time to clean the game up and make it a much better experience. It's quite short, but we think it's a fun little game to beat. It IS quite tricky in places and that's intentional so don't get too mad if you miss a jump a few times, if you die, you don't lose your items or keys.

We've also added a new feature that you unlock once you've beaten the main game once, an infinite run mode.

Hope you enjoy it!

Edit: It seems that there've been a number of problems with the game, we're not sure what's caused them, but the game was converted to HTML5 after making the game. The .exe works fine, but we're looking into the HTML5 issues.

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dashwoods daring delves, have a feeling it came from herbert daring dashwood, also, it reminds me of a really old wario game, but pretty good none-the-less

completamente divertido *-* 5 star :3

quite buggy, but still playable, and quite fun, the random deaths aren't particularly helpful, at the start of the level, it looks like the hero has nothing to stand on, and so he falls to his death, costing the player a life, also there is a part in in stage two I think? where if a person dies on a jumping puzzle after completing it they are teleported to a spot beyond it at the cost of a life, I like this, but on the few insistence I beat the puzzle, it still cost me a life when I crossed that point, I also think that point may be part of a bug that seems to make the game uncompletable for me, every once in a while, when you fall there, or it might just be when you fall, you don't come back, and have to refresh, and restart from the beginning, might try to beat it again later, when this bug is hopefully fixed. I don't really mind the enemies, you can kill all the ones I've seen before they reach you with little issue, and they give a bit of 'color' to the lifeless hallways you create as you progress, so although I certainly don't mind you holding open the doors, and giving us back our items, I don't have strong feelings against you bringing back our fallen foes, but that is just my opinion.

I dont know why do i have to loose a life each time i start a level

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3.63 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2014
7:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop